At First, A Trickle


The Moon wanes away from fullness this week, which begins on a contradictory note.  An onerous Sun-Saturn square hangs over the first couple days- yet those very days are also brightened by Jupiter’s direct station.  Good news and heavy deadlines occupy the same space.

These dueling currents evaporate as we push toward the weekend.  Friday sees two planets change signs.  Venus abandons Capricorn’s boardroom to seek neglected treasures in the untamed hinterlands of Aquarius and Mars enters Pisces’ oceans with a splash.

Light and Heavy

The first half of the week is dominated by the conflicting influences of Saturn and Jupiter.   The Sun’s inferior square to Saturn can be oppressive, as vital energies may not feel equal to life’s demands.  Discipline is likely necessary here, as well as patience.  Don’t try to get it all done in a hurry- just get it all done.

Although there is certainly toil in the air during the first half of the week, some things may move very quickly indeed.  Jupiter’s direct station in Gemini occurs on Tuesday night, beginning nine months of forward motion.   This station unleashes a speedy torrent of ideas.  Glorious potentials and enticing opportunities zip to and fro above a landscape heavy with labor.  New projects entice while those already in motion oppress.

Sweet Electricity

electricityVenus also changes signs on Friday, leaving the practical pleasures of Capricorn behind for the eccentric delights of Aquarius.  In Aquarius, Venus asks us to find value outside of the norm, to see the beauty in what has been neglected and cast out.  It is an invitation to go treasure hunting outside the magic circle.  Beginning Friday and running well into next week, Venus chases a fine trine to a newly stationed Jupiter as well as a stimulating sextile to Uranus.  A sweet electricity hums through these days.

Proteus Goes To War

Mars takes the fight beneath the waves this Friday, when the red planet enters the oceanic confines of Pisces.  Mars has strength in Pisces, but the type of action promoted by the red planet here is less direct than in other places.

wizardduel2The warrior’s secret that Mars teaches in Pisces is the shapechanger’s art.  This power is best captured in the old magician’s duel, depicted in Disney’s classic “The Sword and the Stone,” as well as in Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” series.  These are combats of the imagination, tests of the mind’s adaptability.  For those unfamiliar with the above mentioned works, an example:

A: I become a wolf, whose teeth tear throats.

B: I am an elephant, with thick skin a wolf’s small teeth cannot penetrate.

A: I am hunger, which devours the largest creatures first.

B: I am a bountiful harvest, which consumes hunger itself.

A: I am a plague of locusts, and take what was harvested.

And so on.


Mars in Pisces calls for the application of strategic imagination, the ability to change form in order to accomplish the task at hand.   Yet the same power can also be applied to the opponent.  Storybook witches turn bad little boys into frogs, and in the Odyssey, Circe turned Odysseus’ big bad men into pigs.

This power can be understood more deeply when alloyed to a knowledge of animal spirits, which is found in traditional lore world wide and acted out in certain styles of martial arts.

The contest is ultimately a battle of perception, and the territory to be won or lost is the mind.  The weapons and armor are the forms (hsing) the mind can take.

Out To Sea

After entering Pisces on Friday, Mars heads straight for a conjunction with Neptune, which highlights the power of the imagination, which although not perfected until Monday, strongly influences the entire weekend.

Mars’ entrance into Pisces and subsequent conjunction with Neptune is interesting in and of itself, yet also acts as a harbinger of things to come.  Mars is merely the first planet into Pisces.  The year’s first inundation is not too far ahead, as Mars will be followed by Mercury, the Sun and then Venus- leaving us, by February’s end with a rare pile of planets in the marine sign.  The tide on the mindsea rises only a bit this week, but there is more to come.

Horoscopes are not a real chart reading by an experienced astrologer. However, they are fun and can be reasonably accurate. In addition to referring to your Sun sign, read your from Ascendant and Moon if you know them. If you don’t, find out. I’m a long time fan of the free chart generation software at astro.com.

Oh, and if you’re still concerned that your sign has changed, get a little clarity here.
Aries: The Ram

Jupiter’s direct station in Gemini on Tuesday signals projects large and small to move forward, and suggests an opportunity to improve relations between siblings.

On the first, Mars enters Pisces, calling strange and violent sea creatures up from the seabed of your subconscious.   Lessons on the power of the imagination to further your aims or undermine yourself will be in abundance over the next month and a half.  The struggles here are invisible, but their outcomes will be tangible.

Venus enters Aquarius on Friday.  Whilst in the eclectic sign, Venus sheds a favorable light on eccentric friends and contacts.   There is both fun and potential benefit running through the circuits of your social world.

Taurus: The Bull

Jupiter’s direct station in Gemini on Tuesday shines a flattering light on what you have to offer- it may be time to reconsider your value.

On Friday, the first, Mars enters Pisces.  They’ll be growing focus on your social world during this time, with a special emphasis on dissolving conflicts and applying soft power thoughtfully.

Venus changes signs as well, entering Aquarius on the first, which begins a month wherein the focus is on the social dynamics of your profession.  Recognition and rewards for a job well done are also likely to land here, as may some office or client drama.

Gemini: The Twins

The direct station of Jupiter on Tuesday offers you a global boost.  Doors of opportunity creak open, both within and without.

Mars enters Pisces on the first, where it will be until mid-March.  Mars’ time in Pisces emphasizes the importance of personal power in your professional life.  Power is different, of course, than force.  If you find yourself needing to turn things in your direction, use a less direct strategy.  Less force,  less resistance.

Venus changes signs as well, entering Aquarius on the first.  Venus’ time in the Water Bearer’s sign offers you the rewards of long term goals achieved, as well as visions of what you might gain were your big plans to succeed.

Cancer: The Crab

Jupiter’s direct station in Gemini comes this  Tuesday.  The opportunity that blooms here is one of self understanding- to reconcile internal contradictions which consume your energy and hold you back.

Mars enters Pisces on the first.  The power to envision and see through a long term goal or project will be for you the entire time Mars is in Pisces.  Guide that ship through squall and maelstrom.

Venus changes signs as well, entering Aquarius on the first.  Venus’ time in the Water Bearer’s sign highlights your access to others' resources, as well as their access to yours.  Allow a little time and energy to slosh back and forth between yourself and trusted others.

Leo: The Lion

This Tuesday, Jupiter’s stations direct in Gemini.  This signals an expansion of your insight into social dynamics.  Situations with friends, peers and contacts gain clarity, and opportunities appear through these networks.

On the first, Mars enters Pisces.  Mars’ time in Pisces suggests the contention over shared resources.  There may be a legitimate dispute brewing here, or it could merely be a misunderstanding waiting to happen.  Consider carefully before letting loose the dogs of war.

Venus changes signs as well, entering Aquarius on the first.  Venus’ time in Aquarius brings the status of your close relationships to the forefront.  Observe but do not allow yourself to be carried away by the feelings that arise. Apply a little distance and if there is a problem, consider what you’ve been missing.

Virgo: The Virgin

Jupiter stations direct in Gemini on Tuesday.  Professional projects that have been in hibernation stir this week, and a variety of different doors swing open.  Survey the possibilities, but remember that there are only so many paths a person can walk.

Mars enters Pisces on the first, where he will be until mid-March.  Mars’ time in Pisces highlights the power dynamics of your relationships, and may well stir up some trouble.   Keep an eye on the emotions in play, as there is a tendency for reactions to take a wrong turn into imagination-land.

Venus changes signs as well, entering Aquarius on the first.  For you, Venus’ time in Aquarius may involve a bit of drudgery, the principle pleasures available being the rewards for a job well done.  If you haven’t yet found the Zen of dishwashing, you lose 5 Virgo points, and go on the re-education camp list.

Libra: The Scales

Jupiter’s direct station in Gemini early this week highlights your long term aspirations.   A vision of how to grow into your big goals hovers over and blows about the week.   Snatch it.

Mars enters Pisces on Friday.  Mars’s time in Pisces highlights a variety of small tasks.  There will be problem solving aplenty here, and you’ll need to assume different shapes to tackle each of them.  See problems as questions- and your form the answer.

Venus changes signs as well, entering Aquarius on the first.  Venus’ time in Aquarius asks where your passion is.  Take a conscious inventory of where your heart is trying leading you.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

Jupiter’s direct station in Gemini on Tuesday highlights the exchanges of time, money and energy in your life.  How can you make better use of the resources you have available to you?  It may be that you need to borrow someone else’s strength to achieve what you currently cannot.

On the first, Mars enters Pisces.  The red planet’s time in Pisces highlights what you’re doing with your creative energy- are you spending yourself on trifles or incubating a dream?  A re-allocation of focus may be in order.

Venus changes signs as well, entering Aquarius on the first.  Venus’ time in Aquarius highlights familial relationships.  If the drama can be sidestepped or dissolved, there is a certain sweetness here.

Sagittarius: The Centaur

Jupiter’s direct station in Gemini on Tuesday highlights the growing you’ve done within relationships, as well as that which you have left to do.  It also signifies opportunities you are granted access to through your relationships.

Mars enters Pisces on Friday, the sign in which the red planet will reside until mid-March.  Mars’ time in Pisces may stir up family conflicts or see contention enter your home.  To banish the spark, address the source of the friction.

Venus changes signs as well, entering Aquarius on the first.   Venus’ time in Aquarius is a generally social one for you, likely involving a variety of short trips to see this person and that.  This is a fun, but potentially distracting influence.

Capricorn: The Goat

Tuesday sees Jupiter  station direct in Gemini.  The big planet’s station brings with it some remediation of physical and fiscal maladies.  Schemes to keep your bank and body healthy zip through the air, and the benefits from those regimes already enacted become clear.

Mars enters Pisces on the first, where it will be until mid-March.  Mars’ time in Pisces highlights a variety of short term tasks you’ll need accomplish.  You’ll flit here and there, challenged to take on the form that fits each mission.

Venus changes signs as well, entering Aquarius on the first.  Venus’ time in Aquarius energizes both influx and outflow from your bank account.  It’s all water through the gills, but keep an eye on that income/expense ratio.

Aquarius: The Waterbearer

Jupiter’s direct station in Gemini early in the week sees a bloom of good fortune come your way- or at least the promise thereof.  Not all that glitters is gold, but most gold does, in fact, glitter.  Keep a critical eye out for opportunities.

On Friday, Mars enters Pisces.  In Pisces, Mars focuses the vital energies on financial topics.  Chase that money down.

Venus changes signs on Friday as well, entering Aquarius .  Venus’ pass through your sign lends you a certain grace, enhancing what quirky charm you were born with.  Work that oddball glamour.

Pisces: The Fish

Jupiter’s direct station in Gemini on Tuesday offers you a better understanding of your foundations.  As your acceptance and comprehension of your origins grows, they are transformed from a burden into an asset.  Family issues may be raised here, but in a way that promotes growth.

Mars enters Pisces on the 1st, where it will be for the next month and a half.   In Pisces, Mars will grants you additional power and vitality, along with a corresponding increase in irritability.  Go forth and do battle- but do please do make sure it’s a war worth fighting.

Venus changes signs on Friday as well.   In her travels through Aquarius, Venus stirs up feels of both pride and isolation, the glorious mixture that is the oft-forgotten price of being a Pisces.  Sort through neglected passions as they arise.

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