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  • Astrology 4/16-4/22: The Wind In The Grass

      The Moon wanes its way toward invisibility over resetting circumstances.  The week begins with Mercury’s re-entry into Aries, the sign the swift planet turned retrograde in back in March.  Mercury spends the week moving into a conjunction with Uranus, conjoining the electric planet on Sunday.  On Thursday morning, the Sun strides onto the spring fields of Taurus.  The Moon […]
  • Astrology 3/12-3/18: Tectonic Drift

    This week begins an interesting, complicated and somewhat chaotic period that will last for the rest of March.  Disparate combinations stain the skies over the coming weeks- good, evil and other mi freely.  The main players in the drama this week and next are a recently retrograde Mercury and a Grand Earth Trine.  The Grand Earth Trine facilitates big changes […]
  • Astrology 13th-19th: Rising Tide

    The Moon wanes over a week of transitions.   Mercury enters Pisces on Monday, starting things off with the ’s shift into the spacey, imaginative sign.  The middle of the week is hampered by Venus in Aries’ square to Pluto in Capricorn, providing a few irritations and smothering some excitement.  Meanwhile, the Sun stays in an applying trine with a retrograde […]
  • Astrology 9th-15th: The Relating Triad

    The week begins still humming from last Sunday’s Full Moon in Cancer, but moves swiftly into its own series of developments.   With Mercury,  Venus and Mars all featured prominently in the action, this week’s gestalt theme is all about relationships of all varieties.   Mercury, freshly ingressed into Capricorn, spends the middle of the week in a conjunction with […]
  • The Astrology of 2012 and Yearly Horoscopes

    [box size=”large” style=”rounded”]The following is an excerpt from my 2012 Astrological Almanac.  This handy tome contains descriptions of every day, monthly summaries, horoscopes, an ephemeris, a yearly walk-through, and . It’s available as a paperback or eBo, so if you like what you read, be sure to get one![/box] THE BREATH OF THE DRAGON 2012 comes to us already swathed in a […]
  • America: 2011 and Beyond

      (Originally Published July 4th, 2011)   individuals, nations have birthcharts which are responsive to transits.  Also, like individuals, a little analysis of the birthchart and the transits to it can provide a tremendous amount of clarity about what, in fact, is going on. The following piece highlights effects of several of the longer term factors affecting the U.S. […]
  • 16th-22nd: The Mother's Gaze

    A solid week, full of important configurations.   The Full Moon in Scorpio colors the early week, coming late late Monday night for those on the North American continent.  As the Moon’s early week brightness begins to dec, our attention shifts to the conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars in early Taurus, who bring with them important messages about our financial […]
  • May 9th-15th: Volcanic Soil

    This week the Moon waxes its way toward Full (May 16th), 3 planets change signs and we’re treated to a ly set of conjunctions.  Mercury, Venus and Jupiter spend most of the week conjoined in late Aries.  This rather pleasant stellium condenses the hard lessons of the last month and a half into the future’s promising prospects.  You should be […]
  • May 2nd-8th: Taking Root

    The New Moon in Taurus occurs early in the week, Monday night for those in the Americas.  This monthly reunion of the Sun and Moon re-centers affairs somewhere amidst the great fields Taurus.  As discussed last week, the question is what to plant in these fields now that that the chaos is beginning to subside ( if momentarily). The lasts […]
  • 28th-6th: Address Unknown-Return to Center

    The waning Moon ticks down the days until the New Moon (March 4th) .  On Monday, Venus slips out of her castle and into quirky, abstract and occasionally despondent Aquarius, where she’ll be until March 26th.  This week’s prevailing conditions are foggy with a tendency to turn inward.  Unfortunately, the traveling Mars-Mercury conjunction has pushed the pace relentlessly over last […]
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