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  • July 2016: Fire and Water

    Most of the planets hold their positions this July.  Other than the swift Moon, only the Sun, Mercury and Venus change signs.  These three bodies all begin the month in Cancer and then shift into Leo.  Thus the month has two portions- the watery, introverted and emotionally oriented Cancer part, and the fiery, bold and outgoing Leo one.  The first […]
  • Astrology 6/20-6/26: Polarized Light

    This week the skies above reflect the polarization below. The week begins with Monday morning’s potent Full Moon in Sagittarius, which opposes the Sun in Gemini mere hours before the solstice.  Here day and night reach the point of their greatest inequality, with day dominating in the north and night in the south.  Meanwhile, much of the week is pulled […]
  • June 2016: Carousel

    All Aboard This June is a spinning carousel, whose revolutions will leave us alternately elated and nauseous. The month’s first week contains a potent configuration of planets known as a Grand Cross. This Grand Cross is constituted by Neptune and the Dragon’s Tail in Pisces (Water), Saturn in Sagittarius (Fire), Jupiter and the Dragon’s Head in Virgo (Earth) and the […]
  • Astrology 5/23-5/29: Syncopated Transition

    This week completes the series of changes set in motion by last Saturday’s Full Moon.  By its end, we will have transitioned into the next movement in this season’s symphony.  The next movement, the finale, is a complex arrangement, due to be played up-tempo and full of both ecstatic harmony and jarring discordance. The week begins with the opposition of […]
  • May 2016: The Fixed and the Volatile

    The Territory May divides itself into two very different and unequal parts.  The first portion, which will take us up until the 20th, contains a number of grounding and harmonizing configurations and positions.  It’s not that its all roses, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself picking, planting or sniffing a bloom or two.  Though there is some definite […]
  • Astrology 3/14-3/20: Churning The Ocean

    The Moon waxes as we pass between eclipses, the days overflowing with an agitated ture of the past and future.  The week begins with a potentially chaotic but brief grand cross.  Its middle, however, is characterized by introspection and emotional upwelling, courtesy of Mercury’s conjunction with Chiron and the Dragon’s Tail.  Finally, the weekend holds both the equinox and a […]
  • Astrology 2/29 – 3/6: Water Pressure

    This weekly column is made possible only by means of my generous supporters on Patreon. Thank you! If you’d like to support this project, check out the campaign here. This week, the Sun’s undersea journey through Pisces sees the pressure mount as the depth increases.   As we go progressively deeper, the light of the waning Moon steadily disappears, leaving our […]
  • Astrology 2/22 – 2/28: The Body of Life

    This weekly column is made possible only by means of my generous supporters on Patreon. Thank you! If you’d like to support this project, check out the campaign here. The week begins with Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo, which colors Monday and Tuesday a brilliant silver.  During the middle of the week, the tone shifts to focus on Mercury’s constructive […]
  • Astrology Jan. 4th-10th: Blueprint

    Though the Moon wanes down to nothing this week, it is hardly a time of falling action.  This intense week sees Mercury station retrograde in a near-perfect square to Mars on Tuesday morning, Venus get tangled in the Saturn-Neptune square for several days, and the Sun join Uranus and Pluto’s long standing squabble.  Not wanting to be left out of […]
  • Astrology 12/28 – 1/3: Start From The Beginning

    The year begins with a host of changes in the sky above.  Mercury, Venus and Mars all enter new signs, scurrying backstage to switch costumes for the next act. A warm Leo Moon begins the week, though the air may be unnecessarily heated by the square between Mars and Mercury, which is precise on Tuesday morning.  Late Tuesday night, Venus […]
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