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  • The Astrology of 2015: Interregnum

    The following is an excerpt from the 2015 Astrological Almanac. This handy tome contains descriptions of every day, monthly summaries, an ephemeris, and .  Secure your copy today! 2015 ends the stretch of history which began in 2011 with the inauguration of the Uranus-Pluto squares. It was March of 2011 when Uranus moved into Aries, kicking off the series of […]
  • Jupiter in Cancer

    June 25, 2013—July 16, 2014 The following is an excerpt from my 2013 Astrological Almanac. This handy tome contains descriptions of every day, monthly summaries, an ephemeris, a yearly walk-through, and . The 2015 Astrological Almanac is now available- secure yours today. Jupiter is traditionally considered to be exalted in Cancer.  The word “exalted” is key here.  While Jupiter is […]
  • Out To Pasture

    From the 2013 Astrological Almanac: The Princess and the Pea Venus enters Taurus on the 14th.  The pleasant planet’s entrance into the Bull’s sign is a return to Venus’ favorite chaise lounge, putting us in the mood for both luxury and beauty.   Venus’ first few days in Taurus may well gratify these desires, as she finds herself in an extremely […]
  • At The Delta

      The Moon wanes over a transitional week.   Things begin with Mars’ undersea conjunction to Neptune in Pisces.  The pair is joined early in the week by Mercury, who enters Pisces on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Venus in Aquarius makes some very pleasant aspects to Uranus and Jupiter before grinding into a square with Saturn over the weekend.  The week, and the […]
  • At First, A Trickle

    The Moon wanes away from fullness this week, which begins on a contradictory note.  An onerous Sun-Saturn square hangs over the first couple days- yet those very days are also brightened by Jupiter’s direct station.  Good news and heavy deads occupy the same space. These dueling currents evaporate as we push toward the weekend.  Friday sees two planets change signs.  […]
  • The Astrology of 2013

    Ship of Fools The following is an excerpt from my 2013 Astrological Almanac, a handy tome with daily, monthly and yearly astrological analysis, an ephemeris, a plethora of essays, and .  You can grab yourself a copy here. The old gods of the oceans, rivers and lakes stir.  The water nymphs and apsaras awake to frolic and seduce.  Cthulhu, in […]
  • All Aboard

      The week begins with the first solar eclipse in Scorpio, opening a tunnel we’ll travel for weeks to come.  The following day a retrograde Mercury retreats into Scorpio, bringing thoughts and communications back toward the dirty heart of the present.  Not long after, small Chiron stations direct, squeezing a tear into the waters of the river we’ve been taken […]
  • Dream Incubation

    We spend the week on the boundary between the concrete and imaginary, between what is and what isn’t- yet.  The pressures of the real and the imaginary are both abundant.  Venus endures a depressingly mundane square to Saturn all week, while Friday night holds the Full Moon in Pisces.  The next day Mercury enters analytic Virgo but spends the weekend […]
  • Intermission

      This week is easier than the ones that preceded it. Venus enters Cancer on Tuesday morning, which is follow shortly by Mercury’s long awaited direct station.  The upcoming Mars-Saturn conjunction adds a bit of pressure, but compared to the scenes recently concluded and the one up next, it’s a nice break.  Take the time to stretch out and enjoy […]
  • Astrology 4/9-4/15: Quenching The Blade

    Photo by Thierry Brésillon The Moon wanes over a week of powerful changes.  First, Tuesday sees small Pluto station retrograde in Capricorn, shadowing the early week.  Friday, however, holds Mars’ long awaited direct station.  The retrograde malefic throws it back in drive in an almost perfect opposition with Neptune in Pisces.  Meanwhile, the Sun in Aries creeps towards a Saturday […]
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