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  • 8th-14th: Fear Is The Mind-Killer

    The 2nd not-so-great week in a row, this one will see us through the most stressful planetary configurations we’ll have to wrestle with for the rest of the year.  In addition to the difficulties augured by the planetary positions, the earth will also be subject to moderate-to-strong solar storms for much of the week, troubling electronics far and wide. Retrograde […]
  • August 1st-7th: Spin Cycle

      An action packed and not particularly pleasant week.  Mercury stations retrograde on Tuesday night, introducing us formally to the 3 1/2 weeks of twisted words and confused ears.  Hours later, bold Mars enters passive aggressive Cancer.  On Thursday Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius, dehydrating a dream or two.  The week combines all the joy of a Mercury retrograde with […]
  • July 11th-17th: The Satyr's Silver Eye

    This week is dominated by the fat, Full Moon in Capricorn, dripping silver and dropping heavy knowledge.  The first half of the week is a bit oppressive, marked by Venus’ emotionally heavy square to Saturn on Tuesday, the equally weighty conjunction of the Moon to Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday and the hefty Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday night.  […]
  • America: 2011 and Beyond

      (Originally Published July 4th, 2011)   individuals, nations have birthcharts which are responsive to transits.  Also, like individuals, a little analysis of the birthchart and the transits to it can provide a tremendous amount of clarity about what, in fact, is going on. The following piece highlights effects of several of the longer term factors affecting the U.S. […]
  • Astrology 27th-3rd: Chasin' Tail

    A partial solar eclipse waits for us at the end of a somewhat tense week.  A loose Grand Cross connects the planets as the Sun runs a gauntlet of aspects that will become familiar this Summer.  The partial solar eclipse occurs on July 1st, the Sun losing a crescent of its radiance to the claws of the eclipse dragon.  However, […]
  • Astrology 13th-19th: Tummy Talk

    This Wednesday, June 15th, we are treated to a Full Eclipse of the Moon.  The eclipse occurs at 24 Sagittarius, conjoined the North Node, the Dragon’s Head, known as Rahu to Vedic astrologers.  This is the first eclipse in Sagittarius in the Gemini-Sagittarius cycle.  We had a lunar eclipse in Gemini on the Solstice in December, and a partial solar […]
  • May 2nd-8th: Taking Root

    The New Moon in Taurus occurs early in the week, Monday night for those in the Americas.  This monthly reunion of the Sun and Moon re-centers affairs somewhere amidst the great fields Taurus.  As discussed last week, the question is what to plant in these fields now that that the chaos is beginning to subside ( if momentarily). The lasts […]
  • April 18th-24th: The Emperor's Gaze

    A number of important changes take place this week. The Sun and Venus both change signs this Wednesday.   The Sun leaves Aries for Taurus and Venus exits Pisces, entering Aries later the same day.  Mercifully, Mercury goes direct this week. These alterations to the planetary -up initiate the next act in this season’s astro-drama. The phase we are heading into […]
  • Mercury RX in Aries: Pyromancy

      Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on March 30th. The swift planet will walk backward until April 22nd, treating us to the usual slew of miscommunications, dropped calls, bren phones and scheduling changes. However, this particular Mercury retrograde presides over a rare pile up of planets in Aries, with a minimum 5 planets present in the excitable sign from April […]
  • Super Full Moon in Virgo: Mine Cup Runneth Over

    The Full Moon in Virgo this Saturday will occur with the Moon closer to the earth than it’s been in 18 years.    The Moon’s decreased distance from the earth will be visually exaggerated by the earth’s atmosphere, which will magnify the image of the Moon, making it seem not just closer, but A LOT closer.  For those in North America, […]
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