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  • Aug. 22nd-28th: 'Round The Wheel Goes

    This week tugs once at August’s rough pattern before gathering its loose ends to spin September’s tales. A number of important transitions occur this week.  The week begins with Venus’s ingress into Virgo.  Venus is followed by the Sun Tuesday morning, marking our entrance to the last leg of the quarter.  The middle of the week is stormy, as […]
  • 15th-21st: Gilded Tempest

    After a harrowing pair of weeks, this one sees golden light creep through the storm clouds, though it does not disperse them.  We have entered a phase of this August’s process which can be likened to a centrifuge- the storms spinning off the inessential in order to clarify our view of the heart of affairs.  This week sees the storm-centrifuge […]
  • 8th-14th: Fear Is The Mind-Killer

    The 2nd not-so-great week in a row, this one will see us through the most stressful planetary configurations we’ll have to wrestle with for the rest of the year.  In addition to the difficulties augured by the planetary positions, the earth will also be subject to moderate-to-strong solar storms for much of the week, troubling electronics far and wide. Retrograde […]
  • August 1st-7th: Spin Cycle

      An action packed and not particularly pleasant week.  Mercury stations retrograde on Tuesday night, introducing us formally to the 3 1/2 weeks of twisted words and confused ears.  Hours later, bold Mars enters passive aggressive Cancer.  On Thursday Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius, dehydrating a dream or two.  The week combines all the joy of a Mercury retrograde with […]
  • 25th-31st: A Confusion of Crowns

      The action falls this week as the Lunar cycle winds to a close with Saturday’s New Moon in Leo.  Amidst the monthly wrap up, the planetary actors change places in anticipation of August’s drama.  Venus enters Leo on Thursday, scattering the heart’s bright rays wide.  Later the same day, Mercury enters Virgo,  trembling with the retrograde energy to be […]
  • Astrology 18th-24th: A Pleasant Interlude

    A combination of factors provide a genial atmosphere than previous weeks.  Venus strolls through Cancer unafflicted this week, handing out rewards, pouring honey on wounds and greasing wheels.  On Friday night, the Sun moves into Leo, lending a vital light to the atmosphere for the next month.  The next day, Saturday the 23rd, boasts an unusually benefic configuration as […]
  • July 11th-17th: The Satyr's Silver Eye

    This week is dominated by the fat, Full Moon in Capricorn, dripping silver and dropping heavy knowledge.  The first half of the week is a bit oppressive, marked by Venus’ emotionally heavy square to Saturn on Tuesday, the equally weighty conjunction of the Moon to Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday and the hefty Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday night.  […]
  • America: 2011 and Beyond

      (Originally Published July 4th, 2011)   Like individuals, nations have birthcharts which are responsive to transits.  Also, like individuals, a little analysis of the birthchart and the transits to it can provide a tremendous amount of clarity about what, in fact, is going on. The following piece highlights effects of several of the longer term factors affecting the U.S. […]
  • Astrology June 6th-12th: The Scales Swing

    June’s game-changing pace continues with a week that oscillates between  solemn and hyperactive.  Venus enters Gemini on Thursday, splitting in two to fly Doublemint-style through the rest of this month’s whirlwind.  Meanwhile,  Saturn in Libra’s direct station casts a deep shadow over the week, shrouding it in serious thoughts.  Retrograde since January, the slow planet’s about-face is an important turning […]
  • 25th-1st: Seeds of Sovereignty

    This week we traverse the 4th quarter of the Lunar cycle, waning toward the new Moon on May 2nd.  As she fades to invisibility, Luna los over what has transpired during a confusing April with an eye towards the action of the next month.  The Sun has left Aries for Taurus, but Venus replaced him swiftly, keeping the total of […]
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