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  • Astrology June 6th-12th: The Scales Swing

    June’s game-changing pace continues with a week that oscillates between  solemn and hyperactive.  Venus enters Gemini on Thursday, splitting in two to fly Doublemint-style through the rest of this month’s whirlwind.  Meanwhile,  Saturn in Libra’s direct station casts a deep shadow over the week, shrouding it in serious thoughts.  Retrograde since January, the slow planet’s about-face is an important turning […]
  • 25th-1st: Seeds of Sovereignty

    This week we traverse the 4th quarter of the Lunar cycle, waning toward the new Moon on May 2nd.  As she fades to invisibility, Luna los over what has transpired during a confusing April with an eye towards the action of the next month.  The Sun has left Aries for Taurus, but Venus replaced him swiftly, keeping the total of […]
  • April 18th-24th: The Emperor's Gaze

    A number of important changes take place this week. The Sun and Venus both change signs this Wednesday.   The Sun leaves Aries for Taurus and Venus exits Pisces, entering Aries later the same day.  Mercifully, Mercury goes direct this week. These alterations to the planetary -up initiate the next act in this season’s astro-drama. The phase we are heading into […]
  • March 7th-13th: Red Lightning

    This week the Moon waxes into visibility, growing from a silver finger-nail into a cup half full of reflected light.  On Wednesday, Mercury leaves the whale’s song of Pisces behind for the bull horn of Aries.  Two days later, Uranus crosses into the Ram’s arena as well, joining Jupiter in Aries this Friday. Mercury and Uranus’ shifts into Aries change […]
  • The Astrology of 2011

    (The following essay is an excerpt from my 2011 Astrological Almanac.) 2011 is an intermediary year, following the storms of 2008-2010 and preceding the difficult configurations of 2012-2015. It may be a far cry from the year of milk and honey, but 2011 holds the opportunity to make progress in a way that the difficult configurations of 2008-2010 impeded with […]
  • Crossroads Considerations: Merc RX

    December’s Mercury retrograde crosses the Janus-faced cusp of Capricorn and Sagittarius.  Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn on December 10th, but makes his way back into Sagittarius’ wide fields by December 17th, stationing direct on December 29th.  The will stay within the wide fields of the archer’s sign until January 13th. This  Mercury retrograde therefore has two distinct phases- the […]
  • 29th-5th: The Messenger's Shadow

    This week the Moon wanes its way back to the Sun, with the New Moon waiting for us this Sunday.  The early sees Venus return to Scorpio after her brief holiday in Libra and also witness’ Mercury’s entrance into Capricorn and subsequent conjunction with Pluto. The Crossroads Staircase Mercury leaves Sagittarius this week, entering Capricorn on Tuesday, November 30th.  This […]
  • The Lady's 180

    This Thursday a rare thing takes place- both Venus and Jupiter station direct the very same day.  This end to both of the benefic’s retrogrades also happens to happen in signs in which each is very powerful.  It’s a fine omen for the second half of the season, and should make for a nice week for a number of folks. […]
  • 27th-3rd: The Steps of the White Palace

    The Equinox has come and gone, leaving us stranded at the entrance to the next season.  This week sees us plowing past the threshold into the heart of the coming quarter’s dynamics. This week Mercury finishes his 9 week scamper through the fields of Virgo with an opposition to both Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces.  Meanwhile Venus and Mars conjoin […]
  • Fertile Chaos

    The last 3 weeks have been characterized by a rough configuration- the Cardinal T-square (see Love Triangle and Square Dance for details).  The height of the tension began when Mars entered Libra on July 29th, further intensifying the difficult-to-digest blend of energies.  And we’ve been doing the square-dance ever since. Cinderella and the Rake But now as Venus in […]
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