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  • inmagicchains

    April 2017: In Magic Chains To Bind

    April’s story, though possessed of many details, can be bren down into two major parts. These are the plots spun out by Mercury and Venus’ retrograde cycles. The month begins with Venus retrograde, but the morning star has plans to reassume forward motion on the 15th. Meanwhile, Mercury will station retrograde on the 9th, and remain so for the rest […]
  • InLikeA

    March 2017: “In Like A…”

    It is said of March that it comes “in like a lion, and out like a lamb.”  This is almost true this year, as the beginning of the month is fearsome indeed.  Yet the lion is not exactly the right animal exemplar, for the beast which rides the first portion of March is of a fantastic, imaginal nature- a spirit-beast […]
  • 16469129_10211884363334474_2140972325_n

    February 2017: Time Machine

    February’s skies promise a month both fast and strange. Mars and Venus’ presence in Aries pushes the pace of the month, accelerating it through a pair of eclipses which promise to take us across peculiar terrain. We’ll ride the eclipse dragon, like a roller-coaster, through tunnels ablaze with images. Visions of the future abound, which upon inspection lo suspiciously like […]
  • 15820865_10211581513083407_2062751762_o

    Monday, January 23rd

  • FullMoonBanner

    Astrology of January 1/9-1/15: Conditional Expectations

    The year makes its first big move with the Full Moon in Cancer this week. Although every Full Moon is worthy of note, this one completes a grand cross configuration, and will therefore be particularly intense. Though grand crosses have been known to kick up a shit-storm or two, there is an underlying structure to them, which becomes clear after […]
  • 15820865_10211581513083407_2062751762_o

    Sunday, January 1st

  • wallaperchesstree

    January 2017: Opening Gambit

    The year begins with a set of chess pieces, d up and awaiting orders. January is full of strategic considerations, for it is here that we decide upon our opening gambit. Beginnings are unique – they offer a freedom that no other phase does. Once we make our moves and the world responds, we will inevitably be caught up in […]
  • 2017

    The Astrology of 2017: Ante Up

    The skies of 2017 shine bright and gaudy as a Vegas casino, and house just as many games of skill and chance.  The year deals a thick deck of cards, emblazoned with images both luminous and monstrous.   In that deck hide jers aplenty.  There is no lone Fool concealed within, but a motley army, intent on showing up when they’re […]
  • wildcardbig

    December 2016: Wild Cards

    Though there are a number of unique moments this December, the bulk of the month’s events orbit around the potent configurations between Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Together they form one large complex, each of their relationships forming one side of a triangle. In order to break this larger pattern down, we first need to […]
  • storytime

    November 2016: Sorting Stories

    This November’s principle dynamics concern the confusion between fantasy and facts which has characterized much of 2016.  This month’s most dramatic configurations call for both a return to, and a clarification of, the dynamics which have colored much of the year.  Stories swirl chaotically, begging to be sorted into fact, fiction and other. Mars in Aquarius: Thinking and Doing The […]
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