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  • January 2017: Opening Gambit

    The year begins with a set of chess pieces, d up and awaiting orders. January is full of strategic considerations, for it is here that we decide upon our opening gambit. Beginnings are unique – they offer a freedom that no other phase does. Once we make our moves and the world responds, we will inevitably be caught up in […]
  • The Astrology of 2017: Ante Up

    The skies of 2017 shine bright and gaudy as a Vegas casino, and house just as many games of skill and chance.  The year deals a thick deck of cards, emblazoned with images both luminous and monstrous.   In that deck hide jers aplenty.  There is no lone Fool concealed within, but a motley army, intent on showing up when they’re […]
  • December 2016: Wild Cards

    Though there are a number of unique moments this December, the bulk of the month’s events orbit around the potent configurations between Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Together they form one large complex, each of their relationships forming one side of a triangle. In order to break this larger pattern down, we first need to […]
  • November 2016: Sorting Stories

    This November’s principle dynamics concern the confusion between fantasy and facts which has characterized much of 2016.  This month’s most dramatic configurations call for both a return to, and a clarification of, the dynamics which have colored much of the year.  Stories swirl chaotically, begging to be sorted into fact, fiction and other. Mars in Aquarius: Thinking and Doing The […]
  • Astrology 10/24-10/30: The River

    This week sees an abundance of action in the early degrees of Scorpio.  Mercury follows the Sun into the subterranean sign on Monday, and then conjoins our star on Thursday.  At the same time, Venus in Sagittarius makes a variety of different connections during the week, pulling the passions one direction and then another.  While Venus rides the rollercoaster and […]
  • October 2016: Cloud and Stone

    Boots on the Ground Our two friends this month will be diplomacy and discip, as represented by Jupiter in Libra and Mars in Capricorn.  Although rather ill-tempered, Mars in Capricorn is an excellent ally.  Think of him as your cranky, retired ex-general grandpa who you can talk you through life’s harsher challenges. He’ll remind you to keep your dignity and […]
  • September 2016: Ontological Threshing

    September holds a number of interesting configurations.  Together, they should serve to bring many of this year’s themes to completion.  The month is straddled by two eclipses.  The first is an annular solar eclipse in Virgo on September 1st.  The second is a penumbral lunar eclipse in Pisces on the 16th.  While the eclipse gates open, Mercury retrogrades through Virgo.  […]
  • Astrology 8/29-9/4: Wyrm-Hole

    This week’s dramatic celestial action sets the stage for September.  It begins with Venus’ entrance into Libra on Monday, which is followed by Mercury’s retrograde station in Virgo on Tuesday.  Then, early Thursday morning the solar eclipse opens wide its mouth.  Stepping through it, we enter a tunnel which burrows beneath the soil and stone of September, and from which […]
  • Astrology 8/22-8/28: The Burning Gate

    Many events have led us to this fiery threshold, and it has come time to cross it This week ivers the long-ayed conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius on the 23rd.  The union of the two planets, on top of the red star Antares, is one of the year’s most dramatic configurations.  Lo up after the Sun sets and […]
  • July 2016: Fire and Water

    Most of the planets hold their positions this July.  Other than the swift Moon, only the Sun, Mercury and Venus change signs.  These three bodies all begin the month in Cancer and then shift into Leo.  Thus the month has two portions- the watery, introverted and emotionally oriented Cancer part, and the fiery, bold and outgoing Leo one.  The first […]
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