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    Astrology Nov 12th – 21st (♏️III): The Sensualist’s Fast + New Moon in Scorpio

    The Sun’s time in the third and final decan of Scorpio conjures the rustle of crow wings, and a cascade of visions. A woman places a rose gently on top of a river-side grave, and then lays down next to it, in yoga’s corpse pose. She drifts off to sleep as the Sun slips below the western horizon. In dreams, […]
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    Astrology Oct 13th – 22nd (♎️III): The Drunken Master’s Tutelage

    The Sun enters the third and final decan of Libra, which spans the last 10 degrees of the sign, on October 13th. As we lo at the third face of Libra, a set of wildly opposed images confronts us. The Rider Waite Tarot card anchored to the decan, the 4 of Swords, depicts a man resting in a church, in […]
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    Astrology Oct 3rd – 12th (♎️II): Pacta Sunt Servanda

    The Sun rises in the second decan of Libra for the first time this year on Tuesday, October 3rd. While the first face of Libra introduced the scales upon which matters are weighed, the second attempts to cement the equilibrium, binding the matters to that point of balance. Contracts and deals are drafted here, and marriages made. It is the […]
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    Astrology Aug 23rd – Sep 1st (♍️I): Beneath the Tree

    The Sun enters the first decan of Virgo on August 22nd, beginning another span of 10 days time. Here, the Sun’s rays fall upon a woman holding fruit in her hand, and standing before a great tree, around which coils a strange serpent, dog-headed and crowned. The woman los at the fruit in her hand and then up at the […]
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    Astrology July 11-21 (♋III):The Envious and the Bejeweled

    The Sun rises in the third decan of Cancer, for the first time this year, on July 12th. While the first decan appeared as a flooded river, and the second a secret garden, the third is cup overflowing with both gems and serpents. It is from this grail that the jewels of cultivation emerge. The refined stones of alchemists, the […]
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    Astrology July 1-10 (♋II): Strange Brew

    The Sun enters the second face, or decan, of Cancer on Saturday, July 1st (7/1 8:45 AM PDT). Here philosophers gather privately, inside a walled and secret garden. They have come from far and wide, each carrying with them a precious flask containing the primordial waters. In the center is a large alchemical furnace with a fire beneath it. The […]
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