Astrology Consultations

Astrology Consultations

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Astrology consultations are 90 minutes long and cost $283. Consultations can take place over the phone or Skype anywhere in the world. Your spot on the waitlist or for a pre-scheduled appointment is secured by paying for it, but your money is always fully refundable to the original payment method upon request, or can be transferred as a credit towards any other service, class, or product on

You can book a reading by filling out the information to the right, adding it to your cart and then checking out. The waitlist is first come, first served, based on who has purchased a reading. You will not be able to get a faster appointment by emailing about it, because it would be unfair to those who have already been waiting. You are more than welcome, however, to specify desired dates more than 6-months in advance.

The reading can focus on any of the topics below, or any combination thereof.

Check Up: Whats going on? A look at the current influences pouring into your chart and running through your life. This reading utilizes natal, transit and time lord techniques to help you get your bearings.

Natal Profile: Get to know your chart! A great first reading, focused on the key signatures of your astrological chart. The reading explores talents, potentials and problem areas in the life pattern.

Astrology ReadingRelationships: An analysis of the core dynamics of partnership- business, romantic or otherwise. Chemistry, conflict, synergy and more.

Spirituality: A reading focused on a person’s spiritual condition.  Purpose, karma, and the nature of the path.

Birthday/ 1 Year Outlook: Birthdays often find one contemplating the year to come, as well as the one passed. Astrology provides an excellent key to the nature of the year to come. This reading focuses on the ups and downs of the year ahead.

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5 reviews for Astrology Consultations

  1. Sally DuCharme (verified owner)

    Austin Coppock’s masterful reading of my chart helped me understand the forces at work in my life now and his insights made me hopeful as I negotiate some challenging paths ahead. He is also very warm and very funny!

  2. Jennifer (verified owner)

    My consultation with Austin was wonderful–as in filled with wonder–as well as humor, piercing insight and wisdom. I would particularly recommend a reading with Austin to students transitioning from modern astrology to a more traditional model. Austin’s insights on the “traditional astrology blues” left me feeling empowered, inspired and excited to take my studies to the next level. Taking a hard look at the challenges in one’s natal chart isn’t easy, but Austin infuses traditional ideas and techniques with poetry, philosophy, compassion and a little bit of that inexplicable other-knowing we call magic.

  3. Michelle (verified owner)

    For my yearly forecast, Austin gave me a greatly balanced blend of empathy, practical advice and insights.
    It was fascinating listening to his application of eastern and western techniques to my recent past enriched by myths and history and I didn’t expect that a combination of this with a rich explanation of my key natal traits could give me the perspective and strength needed to navigate the next 12 challenging months. But it did and exceedingly so! Austin provided a lot of constructive ideas, weaving in his humour and lightness of touch at the right times amongst his deep knowledge.

  4. kitsune59 (verified owner)

    I had to wait a bit to write this review as there was so much to process.

    To start Austin has a very genuine personality that adds humor through the reading while doing his best to make sure what he is saying is clear and professional. His style of reading is conversational which for myself helped make it easier to gather what he was trying to express and what he had seen in my chart.

    Questions I had were answered clearly and that helped rid me of preconceived notions I have had about astrology and natal charts for a while. There was some fantastic insight into places where I generally have troubles and some great suggestions and remedial techniques I can to help balance out key planet/sign/house placements that might be less than ideal.

    Austin was able to provide some ideas of what the next few months are going to bring and what I can do to manage the shifting tides of great and not so great alignments happening around and in my chart. Combined was key observations to look to make sure I am maximizing the fortunate alignments in my natal chart.

    I know that I will definitely apply to get another reading closer to my birthday and highly recommend that others do as well as they can.

  5. Janelle Leonard

    I was referred by my Sister of Avalon, Sarah Collins! Really looking forward to diving into some depths of times, places and happenings within the Cosmos and how they intersect with my chart through Austin’s perspective.

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