Timing Techniques

Timing Techniques

Note: This 5-month class took place in April-October of 2017 and will likely run again in the future. Sign up for the waitlist below to be notified when dates are set and open enrollment begins!

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The 5-month Timing Techniques course provides detailed instruction in a variety of methods used to time events and experiences in a person’s life.   The course is divided into three distinct modules, each of which covers a different techniques.  These are:  Annual Profections, Transits, and Zodiacal Releasing.  Though they form one 5 month class, prospective students may take any one of the modules, independent of the others.   Though each of the techniques explored is powerful on its own, there are, nonetheless, powerful synergies which can only be harnessed by examining the relationship between the techniques.


Annual profections are simple, powerful method for timing yearly themes and events in a person’s life.  During this 4 week class we’ll deal with how to calculate profections, discuss the theory of time-lord techniques, and go over a host of examples.  There is no technique as simple or as useful as profections for considering what a given year entails.  Though valuable when considered in isolation, profections work beautifully with other timing techniques, such as transits.

TRANSITS (12 Weeks)

This 12 week class focuses on the most commonly used prognostic technique in contemporary astrology— transits.  Transits refer to the relationship between the positions of the planets at the time of birth and at another given point in time.  Each of the planet’s transits shines a particular light on our lives, and does so on specific time table.  While some transits occur as often as every month, others happen only once in a long life- or never.  This class devotes ample time to the description exploration of each and every planet’s transits across our charts and through our lives.

Transits are absolutely essential for understanding the way charts, and lives, move through time.  They are formidable on their own, and when combined with other methods, such as annual profections, zodiacal releasing and secondary progressions, can provide astonishingly accurate pictures of life at different points in time.


Zodiacal releasing (ZR) is a somewhat exotic time-lord technique which originates during the Roman era of astrology.  Though somewhat esoteric in its calculation, ZR provides an irreplaceable perspective on any natal chart, as it cuts the life up into huge, thematically coherent periods lasting up to 30 years.  Each of these periods has its own themes and challenges, as well as a fractal array of sub periods.  Once understood properly, ZR opens the book of life, dividing its chapters and outlining its arcs.


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