Fundamentals of Astrology 2017

Fundamentals of Astrology 2017


The Fundamentals of Astrology course aims to help the student gain a thorough understanding of the vocabulary and concepts common to the many branches and schools of astrology.  By the end of the 8 month course, the student should be well equipped to further explore a wide variety of material.  The aim is to create a firm technical foundation by focusing on the shared fundamentals of astrology.  The Fundamentals of Astrology class offers traditional technical distinctions and perspectives, as well as contemporary psychological angles.

This class is cut into 8 monthly units, each of which deal with one part of astrology’s key pieces.  Though meant to be taken sequentially, students with pre-existing experience are encouraged to pick and choose which modules they enroll in, as suits their educational needs.

MONTH 1:  Planets (February 4th – 25th)
The Planets, Day and Night, Benefics and Malefics, Inner and Outer

MONTH 2:  The Zodiac (March 18th – April 8th)
Polarity, Modality, Elements, Rulership

MONTH 3:  Houses (April 22nd – May 13th)
Angularity, Dark Houses, Configuration to the Ascendant, Families of Houses

MONTH 4: Aspects (May 20th – June 17th) Start Delayed to May 27th
Hard and Soft, Planetary Interaction

MONTH 5: Fixed Stars (July 8th – Aug 5th
Stars and Planets, Color and Brilliance, Myths and Images 

MONTH 6: Dignity and Rulership  (August 26th– September 16th)
House Rulership, Essential and Accidental Dignity

MONTH 7: Synodic Cycles (September 30th – October 28th)
Direct and Retrograde Motion, Oriental and Occidental Conditions, Inferior and Superior Conjunctions

MONTH 8: Synthesis (November 11th – December 2nd) 
Pattern Recognition, Contradictory Factors, Angles of Approach


When: Every Saturday afternoon, 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM Pacific.

Where: Your computer! Classes will be held using the interactive service GoToMeeting. Recordings will be available for missed classes. A hosted forum will be available to post homework,discuss topics and ask questions.

Cost: $100 Tuition/Month or $650 for the entire 8 month course.

Classes are 90 minutes long, meet once a week, and consist primarily of live lecture and discussion online, using the GoToMeeting software. However, missing class isn't a problems, as every student will also receive the audio/visual recording of every session. Classes also include downloadable written handouts and a dedicated forum.




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Fundamentals of Astrology 2017

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