The Fundamentals of Astrology Year I

The Fundamentals of Astrology Year I: April – November

From: $175 / month for 7 months with 1 month free trial and a $175 sign-up fee

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The Fundamentals of Astrology Year I is a thorough introduction to the technical, philosophical, and practical foundations of astrology. The focus is on natal astrology, but by the end of the course, the student should be well equipped to further explore other branches.

The class does not specialize in the method of one historical period of astrology or school of practice. Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern approaches all inform the class material, with a focus on the common ground of the tradition.

Knowledge, Understanding, and Skill

We are at a point in time where information about astrology is widely available. Good info is necessary to obtain skill and understanding, but should not be confused with them.

This class is therefore designed not only to nurture the cultivation of knowledge, but also to facilitate the attainment of understanding and the fruition of skill. Elements of commitment, study, and practice are all necessary to insure that the student emerges from the class not merely knowing about astrology, but capable of doing astrology.

Class Format:

This class is cut into 8 monthly units, each of which deals with one of astrology’s key pieces. Each of these units consists of a combination of recorded lessons and live discussions. An overview of the curriculum is listed below.

There are 6-8 hours of pre-recorded lessons for each monthly unit, along with regular homework, and 4 hours of live discussion and workshopping. Keeping pace with the class will require an average of 3-4 hours/week of study and practice.

Live sessions will take place on Sundays, twice a month, April - November (see class schedule below). These will be held online using the GoToMeeting software, and are recorded for future reference and so students who can’t make it to a given live session miss nothing. Furthermore, a dedicated Facebook group will be available to post homework, discuss topics and ask questions for year I attendees.

Upon Completion:

Students who complete the course and demonstrate proficiency with the material will be considered to have met the requirements to join The Fundamentals of Astrology, Year II.

Tuition: $1320.

Payment Plan: 8 monthly payments of $175, starting upon enrollment.

Need Based tuition rates are available for prospective students in difficult financial positions. Qualifying situations include, but are not limited to, disability, single parenthood, retirement, and unemployment. Please inquire at contact us with the email subject “REDUCED TUITION” by March 9th. Qualifying applicants will be informed on March 15th. 


April —Planets
10 AM -12 PM PDT Sunday, April 12th 10 AM-12 PM PDT Sunday, April 26th

May — The Zodiac
10 AM – 12 PM PDT Sunday, May 3rd 10 AM - 12 PM PDT Sunday, May 17th

June — Houses
10 AM – 12 PM PDT Sunday, May 31st 10 AM – 12 PM PDT Sunday, June 21st

July — Aspects
10 AM -12 PM PDT Sunday, July 12th 10 AM - 12 PM PDT Sunday, July 26th

August — Dignity
10 AM -12 PM PDT Sunday, August 9th 10 AM -12 PM PDT Sunday, August 23rd

September — The Fixed Stars
10 AM -12 PM PDT Sunday, September 6th 10 AM -12 PM PDT Sunday, September 20th

October — Synodic Cycles
10 AM - 12 PM PDT Sunday, October 11th 10 AM -12 PM PDT Sunday, October 25th

November — Synthesis
10 AM - 12 PM PT Sunday, November 8th 10 AM - 12 PM PT Sunday, November 22nd

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