The Fundamentals of Astrology Year II

The Fundamentals of Astrology Year II: April – November

From: $175 / month for 7 months with 1 month free trial and a $175 sign-up fee

The Fundamentals of Astrology Year II starts where Year I ends. While the first focused on building up a thorough understanding of the philosophy and mechanics of chart analysis, Year II focuses on application— expanding the scope of what you can do once you have solid fundamentals.

The first unit in the class, which runs from April-July, deals with Timing Techniques, with units on Annual Profections, Transits, and Zodiacal Releasing. Proficiency in this trio of techniques enables the astrologer to ascertain what portions of the natal chart are activated, map the native’s trajectory through a given time, and develop a nuanced view of the changing blend of obstacles and opportunities. The Timing Techniques taught in this portion of the class address short, medium, and long-term timing concerns so that the student can match the technique to the scale of the inquiry.

After Timing Techniques, Year II switches from mapping to adapting. August’s module is a deep introduction to Astrological Remediation. This class focuses on methods for working through chart difficulties, getting the most of natural strengths, and designing optimal strategies for different life periods.

In September, we move on to Electional Astrology, the art of picking the best times to initiate endeavors great and small. Electional Astrology is the active complement to Natal Astrology. While we cannot choose our natal charts, we can choose when we act.

The final two months of class, October and November, are about Astrological Magic, the art and science of ritually connecting with and directing the potency of the stars and planets.

The first unit introduces work with the planetary powers, and includes an overview of different types of operations, such as planetary prayers, petitions, and the like, as well as their electional requirements. The second focuses on the most difficult and rewarding part of astrological magic — the timing, construction, and consecration of talismans.

By the end of the class, the diligent student should be able to assess what is happening in the life of the native, design proper remediative protocols, choose auspicious moments, and be on the path of learning how to call planetary and stellar powers.

Class Format:

This class is cut into 8 monthly units. Each of these units consists of a combination of recorded lessons and live discussions. An overview of the curriculum is listed below.

There are 6-8 hours of pre-recorded lessons for each monthly unit, along with regular homework, and 4 hours of live discussion and workshopping. Keeping pace with the class will require an average of 3-4 hours/week of study and practice.

Live sessions will take place on Sundays, twice a month, April - November (see class schedule below). These will be held online using the GoToMeeting software, and are recorded for future reference and so students who can’t make it to a given live session miss nothing. Furthermore, a dedicated Facebook group will be available to post homework, discuss topics and ask questions.


This is not a beginner class. It assumes a working proficiency with planets, signs, aspects, houses, and dignity, as well as familiarity with fixed stars and the synodic phases of the planets. All of this is taught in Fundamentals of Astrology Year I, though any manner in which the prospective student attained proficiency is entirely acceptable. If you are comfortable with much, but not all, of the above, contact Austin with your concerns for evaluation. Please use the subject: Year II Requirements.

Tuition: $1320.

Payment Plan: 8 monthly payments of $175, starting upon enrollment.

Need Based tuition rates are available for prospective students in difficult financial positions. Qualifying situations include, but are not limited to, disability, single parenthood, retirement, and unemployment. Please inquire at contact us with the email subject “REDUCED TUITION” by March 9th. Qualifying applicants will be informed on March 15th. 


April — Timing Techniques: Annual Profections
1-3 PM PDT Sunday, April 12th 1-3 PM PDT Sunday, April 26th

May — Timing Techniques: Transits I
1-3 PM PDT Sunday, May 3rd 1-3 PM PDT Sunday, May 17th

June — Timing Techniques: Transits II
1-3 PM PDT Sunday, May 31st 1-3 PM PDT Sunday, June 21st

July — Timing Techniques: Zodiacal Releasing
1-3 PM PDT Sunday, July 12th 1-3 PM PDT Sunday, July 26th

August —Planetary Refinement & Remediation: Optimization, Management, and Healing
1-3 PM PDT Sunday, August 9th 1-3 PM PDT Sunday, August 23rd

September — Planetary Days, Electional Astrology
1-3 PM PDT Sunday, September 6th 1-3 PM PDT Sunday, September 20th

October — Intro to Planetary Magic
1-3 PM PDT Sunday, October 11th 1-3 PM PDT Sunday, October 25th

November — Talismans
1-3 PM PST Sunday, November 8th 1-3 PM PST Sunday, November 22nd



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