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    Aquarius 2019 — Of Masks and Mirrors

    The Sun’s time in Aquarius this year (January 19th – February 18th) is extremely frontloaded. The majority of significant configurations occur during the first two weeks. The solar month is mixed in quality, with an assortment of both fortunate and unfortunate combinations. The most significant celestial event is the total lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo on January 20th, […]
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    Astrology July 11-21 (♋III):The Envious and the Bejeweled

    The Sun rises in the third decan of Cancer, for the first time this year, on July 12th. While the first decan appeared as a flooded river, and the second a secret garden, the third is cup overflowing with both gems and serpents. It is from this grail that the jewels of cultivation emerge. The refined stones of alchemists, the […]
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    Astrology 11/21-11/27: The Specter of Justice

    This week, haunted by the specter of Justice, begins with the Sun’s entrance into Sagittarius, and continues with Mercury’s midweek conjunction with Saturn in the same sign. This trio of planets in the Archer’s sign shifts the tone of the month considerably, adding enough fire to transform emotions into actions. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Pluto make the first of three squares, […]
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    Jupiter in Libra: Fulcrum

    On September 9th 2016, Jupiter enters tropical Libra.  The big planet will reside within the sign of the scales until October 10th, 2017, when it enters Scorpio. Jupiter enters Libra at near top speed, and will make it all the way to 23’ Libra before stationing retrograde on February 6th, 2017.  Jupiter will be retrograde until June 9th, 2017, when […]
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    August 2016: Charge!

    This month we ride out to meet this year’s most difficult configurations on the field of battle.  It is a hectic month, with sudden starts and stops, and alternating periods of piercing clarity and miasmic confusion.  But victory waits somewhere behind the s, ripe for the taking.  There is no accomplishment without ordeal, and no way around this month’s tough […]
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    June 2016: Carousel

    All Aboard This June is a spinning carousel, whose revolutions will leave us alternately elated and nauseous. The month’s first week contains a potent configuration of planets known as a Grand Cross. This Grand Cross is constituted by Neptune and the Dragon’s Tail in Pisces (Water), Saturn in Sagittarius (Fire), Jupiter and the Dragon’s Head in Virgo (Earth) and the […]
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  • 15820865_10211581513083407_2062751762_o
  • 15820865_10211581513083407_2062751762_o
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