2014 Astrological Almanac

2014 Astrological Almanac


War and peace, harmony and hatred color the horizon of 2014.  The Year of the Horse will trot through placid months and run spooked across the eclipse-dark plains of others, eyes rolling wild.  Maintaining our balance atop history’s unpredictable stallion will be our task, but we will not be alone.  Trust and fear accompany us on this journey, and together they will expose the beating heart of our relationships.  Soulful commitments and agonizing splits brew inside the year’s heavy clouds.  Within seven billion beating hearts, the seeds of accord wait to be discovered, but also the case for war- the primordial Casus Belli.   

The 2014 Astrological Almanac is a comprehensive guide to everything the skies will throw at you over the next year. Concrete, practical delineations are woven carefully into the broader context of sweeping themes. An introduction to practical astrology and thoughtful delineations make the 2014 Astrological Almanac accessible to the amateur, but its scope and focus make it invaluable for the professional astrologer. Yearly themes are explained clearly. Months are explained as a whole, and then broken down day by day.

An epic pre-history of the year and a practical guide to the day-to-day, the 2014 Astrological Almanac is in a class by itself.

  • Detailed Breakdown of All 365 Days
  • Thematic Monthly Summaries
  • Overview of the Year’s Core Themes and Tensions
  • Introduction To Practical Astrology
  • Introduction To Practical Astrology
  • Daily Ephemeris of Planetary Positions
  • Available as a Paperback and PDF eBook
  • And More!

eBook orders can be downloaded instantly after payment. A download link will also be in your email receipt. Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery of paperback orders.


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