Astrology of Friday, July 26th 2019

Astrology of Friday, July 26th 2019

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The Moon makes a brief trine to Pluto at the beginning of the day, deepening the shadows for a bit before moving on to a sextile with Mercury retrograde in Cancer. This sextile to Mercury points to the retro-tolls we have yet to pay— the little efforts we need to make so that we’re ready to disembark when the Hermes Express rolls into the direct station next week.

From Mercury, the Moon moves on to a sextile with Venus in Cancer. Pleasure and comfort are distractingly enticing under this influence, though they may be complicated by relationships in need clarification. Finally, late night, the Moon bids farewell to Taurus and jumps into Gemini, the chatty sign in which Luna will abide for the next several days.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Taurus -> Gemini, 4th Quarter
Moon Trine Pluto: Jul 26, 7:52 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Mercury: Jul 26, 2:42 PM PDT
Moon Sextile Venus: Jul 26, 9:24 PM PDT
Moon Enters Gemini: Jul 26, 11:24 PM PDT

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Astrology of Friday, July 26th 2019

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