Astrology of Monday, February 10th 2020

Astrology of Monday, February 10th 2020

Daily Astro-Weather

The day starts with a potentially confusing opposition between the precision-seeking Moon in Virgo and blurry, poetic Mercury in Pisces. Dreams of practical achievement and to-do list completion may be harder to realize than expected. During the second half of the daylight, Luna leans into a trine with pragmatic but ambitious Jupiter in Capricorn, which provides support for concrete aspirations frustrated earlier.

Night falls, and with it comes the Moon’s opposition to Neptune, which dissolves whatever focus remains, steadily melting concerns about efficiency and other dayside worries. Late night the Moon shifts towards a trine with Pluto, ever-so-slightly haunting the wee hours.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Virgo, 3rd Quarter
Moon Opposite Mercury: Feb 10, 6:48 AM PDT
Moon Trine Jupiter: Feb 10, 4:53 PM PDT
Moon Opposite Neptune: Feb 10, 7:29 PM PDT
Moon Trine Pluto: Feb 11, 5:37 AM PDT

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Astrology of Monday, February 10th 2020

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