Astrology of Monday, November 11th 2019

Astrology of Monday, November 11th 2019

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Monday is host to a pair of significant moments, the Mercury-Sun conjunction and the Full Moon. The day begins with the exact conjunction of retrograde Mercury and the Sun. During the morning, Mercury will be between the Earth and the Sun to such a precise degree that the planet will eclipse a small portion of the Sun, like a dark bee on a radiant flower. The exactitude magnifies the degree of clarity usually present during Mercury-Sun conjunctions. Reserve as much of the morning for thoughtful contemplation or meditation as you can.

Sunset sees the Full Moon in Taurus rise. Though it will not maximally full until the very end of night, tonight’s Moon will be the fullest that those in the Americas witness. The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, as the Bull’s steadiness calms the Moon’s essentially sloshy tidal power. This lunation is thus a time to stabilize your progress through the season. Look up, drink deep, and ground out. If you relax, you will not fall apart— there is more ready to support you than you fear.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Taurus, Full Moon
Sun Conjunct Mercury (Transit): Nov 11, 7:21 AM PST
Moon Sextile Neptune: Nov 11, 10:09 PM PST
Moon Trine Saturn: Nov 11, 10:41 PM PST
Moon Opposite Mercury: Nov 12, 1:49 AM PST
Full Moon: Nov 12, 5:32 AM PST

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Astrology of Monday, November 11th 2019

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