Astrology of Saturday, January 19th 2019

Astrology of Saturday, January 19th 2019

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The day is pleasant enough until evening approaches, when the Moon in Cancer encounters a square with red-hot Mars in Aries, followed swiftly by an opposition with ice-cold Saturn in Capricorn. This is classical besiegement by malefics, a small slice of time in which nothing should be scheduled. This doubly-afflicted hour or so passes quickly, though, and is washed by the Moon’s subsequent trine with Neptune in Pisces.

Late night, the Sun abandons the view from castle Capricorn and takes to the strange skies of Aquarius. Capricorn and Aquarius are the only two adjacent signs to have the same planetary ruler in traditional astrology. That ruler is Saturn, Lord of law, order and the structure of both time and space. While many astrologers are familiar primarily with Saturn through the lens of Capricorn, the Aquarian side of the old timekeeper is always important to consider during this time of year. Here we look upon the rules, not as they are, but as they could be. Though the laws of the natural world are not a matter of human design, the model our societies and lives utilize most certainly is. Thus, the Sun comes into Aquarius as a daydreaming legislator. The Sun will be in Aquarius until February 18th.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Cancer, 2nd Quarter
Moon Square Mars: Jan 19 2019 4:27 PM
Moon Opposite Saturn: Jan 19 2019 5:47 PM
Moon Trine Neptune: Jan 19 2019 7:17 PM
Sun Enters Aquarius: Jan 20 2019 12:59 AM
Moon Opposite Pluto: Jan 20 2019 5:58 AM

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Astrology of Saturday, January 19th 2019

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