Astrology of Sunday, February 3rd 2019

Astrology of Sunday, February 3rd 2019

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After the Moon’s rough ride through Capricorn over the last couple days, Sunday’s skies offer something a little easier to digest. Mercury in Aquarius makes a positive, talkative sextile to uplifting Jupiter in Sagittarius.

While Jupiter and Mercury chat it up, Venus ingresses into Capricorn. While not especially empowered in Capricorn, Venus is traditionally considered to be at least adequately treated in the Goat’s sign. Being an earth sign, there are manifest pleasures to be found there, whether they be the fruits of the earth or of labor. The aesthetics of this position are perhaps best seen through architecture, which mixes the power of the manifest with the beauty of structure. In matters of desire, Aphrodite counsels us with the wisdom of delayed gratification. Restraint need not be a matter of repression, merely patience. Venus will be in Capricorn until March 1st.

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Aspects (PT)

Moon in Aquarius, 4th Quarter
Mercury Sextile Jupiter: Feb 03 2019 1:53 PM
Venus Enters Capricorn: Feb 03 2019 2:28 PM

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Astrology of Sunday, February 3rd 2019

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