Astrology of Sunday, July 26th 2020

Astrology of Sunday, July 26th 2020

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Sunday has a definite gravity due to the Moon’s squares with Pluto and Saturn. It is as if the day was attached to an anchor of absolutely density, allowing it to stray only so far from serious topics. Though tethered to a certain seriousness, the Sun in Leo provides the opportunity to bring clarity and strength to bear on the extant difficulties. Rise up, not to fly away, but to survey the terrain from a less obstructed perspective.
The mood shifts with the Moon after nightfall. Exactly half-full Luna enters Scorpio, marking our entrance into the rising action of the 2nd quarter of the lunar month, and taking things in a more focused, emotional direction for the remainder of the night hours.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Libra -> Scorpio, 1st-> 2nd Quarter
Moon Square Pluto: Jul 26th, 10:13 AM PDT
Moon Square Saturn: Jul 26th, 6:08 PM PDT
Moon Enters Scorpio: Jul 26th, 9:12 PM PDT
Moon Square Sun: Jul 27th, 5:34 AM PDT

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Astrology of Sunday, July 26th 2020

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