Astrology of Sunday, November 17th 2019

Astrology of Sunday, November 17th 2019

Daily Astro-Weather

Though Sunday begins on a relatively harmonious note due to the pre-dawn harmony between the Sun and Moon, that equilibrium is challenged by the Moon’s mid-day square with red Mars, which dusts the day with an intemperate fire. After squaring mars, Luna moves into extraverted Leo, turning attitudes outward. Evening holds the Moon’s square with Uranus, which does its best to alter plans and attitudes. Some adjustments and adaptations may be necessary.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Cancer -> Leo, 3rd Quarter
Moon Square Mars: Nov 17, 12:13 PM PST
Moon Enters Leo: Nov 17, 1:56 PM PST
Moon Square Uranus: Nov 17, 8:34 PM PST

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Astrology of Sunday, November 17th 2019

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