Astrology of Sunday, October 18th 2020

Astrology of Sunday, October 18th 2020

Daily Astro-Weather

The day begins with the Sun completing its square with Saturn, ending Sol’s period of besiegement which began on the 13th. Though this is a positive milestone, the configuration with Saturn still dims the day itself. In addition to the gloomy heft of the Sun-Saturn square, Sunday also holds a perfect square between retrograde Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn, which leads the mind toward what gains can be won, or at least what damages minimized, with a tactical or strategic adjustment. Keep an eye out for small victories.

During the day time, the Scorpio Moon’s sextiles to Pluto and Saturn contribute to the relatively grim atmosphere, but the Moon’s movement into Sagittarius during the night lifts the mood, as does the exact Venus-Jupiter trine.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Scorpio -> Sagittarius, 1st Quarter
Sun Square Saturn: Oct 18th, 6:57 AM PDT
Venus Opposite Neptune: Oct 18th, 7:48 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Pluto: Oct 18th,9:45 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Saturn: Oct 18th, 2:43 PM PDT
Moon Enters Sagittarius: Oct 18th, 9:45 PM PDT
Mars Square Jupiter: Oct 18th, 10:37 PM PDT
Venus Trine Jupiter: Oct 19th, 12:34 AM PDT

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Astrology of Sunday, October 18th 2020

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