Astrology of Thursday, October 22nd 2020

Astrology of Thursday, October 22nd 2020

Daily Astro-Weather

The skies are busy today. The Moon spends the day in late Capricorn, conjoined ominous Pluto and heavy Saturn, giving it a slow and somber quality. Yet the other planets make colorful interjections at various points, with Mars inflaming the morning, Jupiter uplifting the middle of the day, and Venus offering a bit of salve around sunset.

In the midst of all this action, the Sun sneaks into Scorpio, forsaking the Scales for the sultry, bioluminescent tunnels of Scorpio. In Scorpio, the Sun’s light penetrates the surface, driving like x-rays to find both hidden gems and awful secrets. Desire and Will light our path through these winding subterranean systems. The Sun will be in Scorpio until November 21st

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Capricorn -> Aquarius, 1st Quarter
Moon Square Mars: Oct 22nd,8:19 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Neptune: Oct 22nd, 8:27 AM PDT
Moon Conjunct Jupiter: Oct 22nd, 10:47 AM PDT
Moon Conjunct Pluto: Oct 22nd, 3:40 PM PDT
Sun Enters Scorpio: Oct 22nd, 3:59 PM PDT
Moon Trine Venus: Oct 22nd, 6:09 PM PDT
Moon Conjunct Saturn: Oct 22nd, 9:38 PM PDT
Moon Enters Aquarius: Oct 23rd, 5:21 AM PDT

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Astrology of Thursday, October 22nd 2020

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