Astrology of Tuesday, August 27th 2019

Astrology of Tuesday, August 27th 2019

Daily Astro-Weather

The Moon wanders the late degrees of Cancer today, seeking satisfaction and comfort. Comfort is an unlikely find, but satisfaction in measurable accomplishment is, courtesy of Mars in practical Virgo’s perfect trine to pattern-breaking, earth-moving Uranus in Taurus.

As the day edges toward night, Luna emerges from the Crab’s shell as a Lion cub. This shifts the energetic tide from foundation to expression, and attitudes from intro- to extro- verted. The Moon’s late-night prowl of Leo is charged by Uranus, opens the way for small, out-of-the-ordinary moments.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Cancer -> Leo, 4th Quarter
Moon Enters Leo: Aug 27, 4:53 PM PDT
Moon Square Uranus: Aug 28, 3:24 AM PDT
Mars Trine Uranus: Aug 28, 3:52 AM PDT

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Astrology of Tuesday, August 27th 2019

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