Astrology of Tuesday, December 24th 2019

Astrology of Tuesday, December 24th 2019

Daily Astro-Weather

Small, practical revolutions occupy the mind today as the Sun in Capricorn perfects a trine with
Uranus in Taurus. There may, however, not be sufficient bandwidth to think through it all. The Moon is waned down, and a square with Neptune sprinkles distractions across the mid-day.

After sunset, the Moon slips inside the perimeter of tomorrow’s solar eclipse. Night has a strange depth, thick with darkness, but streaked with bright, momentary trains for thought.

Santa busies himself through the night, racing to plant an eclipse in everybody’s stocking, good, bad or true neutral.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon Enters Sagittarius, 4th Quarter
Moon Square Neptune: Dec 24, 12:56 PM PST
Sun Trine Uranus: Dec 24, 1:43 PM PST
Moon Conjunct Mercury: Dec 25, 3:21 AM PST

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Astrology of Tuesday, December 24th 2019

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