Astrology of Tuesday, September 3rd 2019

Astrology of Tuesday, September 3rd 2019

Daily Astro-Weather

Today Mercury conjoins both Mars and the Sun, with all three occupying the same degree of the zodiac for much of the day. Here the cleverness and technical know-how of Mercury are welded together with the fierce, industrious spirit of Mars by the perfect heat of the Sun. It adds the contemplative intellectual clarity of the Sun-Mercury cazimi to the Sun-Mars conjunction’s hot spotlight on matters of conflict, anger, power, and strategy. It is a rare combination, and will seed matters whose fruit we will only come to know later.

On the level of daily experience, this triple configuration is likely to act as a strong and aggressive stimulant, sharpening thoughts and tongues. It is likely to be useful to for solitary mental labor, but contrary to activities that require consensus and patience.

Venus’ opposition with Neptune today may smooth some of these rough edges, but only enough to slightly dull the razor-sharp tenor otherwise implied.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Scorpio, 1st Quarter
Mercury Conjunct Mars: Sep 3, 8:39 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Mars: Sep 3, 10:16 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Mercury: Sep 3, 10:26 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Sun: Sep 3, 11:02 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Saturn: Sep 3, 4:19 PM PDT
Sun Conjunct Mercury: Sep 3, 6:40 PM PDT
Venus Opposite Neptune: Sep 4, 4:25 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Venus: Sep 3, 9:35 PM PDT
Moon Trine Neptune: Sep 3, 10:13 PM PDT
Moon Sextile Pluto: Sep 4, 4:04 AM PDT

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Astrology of Tuesday, September 3rd 2019

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