Drew teaches, consults, and writes on astrology and magic, specializing in elections.

His live virtual class, Initiate, fosters the balancing of traditional technique and precise interpretation with deep presence & situational attunement.

Interdisciplinary in approach, Drew cross-pollinates astrology with philosophy, art, and ecological thought, poetics and practice. His current research is exploring color and weather magic.

Drew lives in San Francisco and hails from the Olympia, WA area. He has spoken at numerous astrological conferences, including NORWAC 2022 and the Astrological Association Conference, and his writing has been featured in WellBeing Astrology and The Mountain Astrologer.

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Happy and Horsey: Reception in Magical Elections

Biographical in approach, this project explored the magic of Venus in Sagittarius, as ensouled on an election in October 2021. What ensued was a yearlong romp of sexual liberation, philosophical inquiry, and cultivating androgynous beauty.

Drew proposes that reception is more than a "mitigating condition" in elections, but actually creates different magical possibilities than standard forms of essential dignity like domicile and exaltation.

A refined version of the project was presented in February 2023 for the monthly salon of the International Association of Astral Magic.
Austin Coppock's intellectual rigor and scholarly spirit are matched only by the generosity of his heart. All of these things are irreplaceable, and changed my path for the better.