With 25 years of experience as a successful performing artist, Greg has adeptly utilized astrological tools to unlock creative potential. He brings a passion for assisting others in unlocking their creative potential through the insights and understanding derived from an astrologically informed approach to life and consciousness.

For over 30 years, Greg has dedicated themselves to the study of astrology, philosophy, mythology, and various modalities of magic. This extensive background provides a profound well of personal experience and practices aimed at transforming consciousness, fostering greater sovereignty, fulfillment, and self-actualization.

In addition to Greg's pursuits in hermetic studies and the arts, his background in data analytics has yielded significant success in business contexts.This expertise not only enhances his grasp of the intricate complexities of astrology in the context of a dynamic world but also informs his consultations with clients. Through the seamless integration of Timelord techniques, progressions, solar returns, transits, and historical patterns, Greg offers a unique perspective that combines intuitive insights with rigorous technical analysis.

Greg invites you to embark on an adventure of self-discovery, unlocking the mysteries of your life in relation to the cosmos, fostering ongoing enrichment and insight.

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The 4 Royal Stars: Expanded Insights on the Royal Watchers

The treatise on the cultural and historical impact of the 4 Royal Fixed Stars. The presentation unpacks how the 4 royal fixed stars impact natives and events in the areas of philosophy, literature, music, art, politics, and film to give a comprehensive understanding of their influence. These insights are used to have a deeper understanding of their importance in astrology and magic.

If you are interested in the intersection of astrological timing and magical operations, there is no better training program than Austin Coppock's Fundamentals of Astrology. This course stands out for its comprehensive and in-depth exploration of astrological magic. The emphasis on foundational texts ensures that every participant gains a solid understanding of the classics that form the bedrock of Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern astrology. Austin's extensive experience and innovative approach further enhance these core concepts, seamlessly integrating them into a 21st-century, syncretic framework.