Micki Pellerano's astrology practice prioritizes accurate prediction, thorough evaluation, definitive answers, practical solutions, and streamlined insight.

Beyond the content of sessions, additional methods may be employed to these ends depending on the needs and disposition of each client. These may extend into directives involving relationship synastry, electional astrology, talismans, herbs, stones, metals, rituals, mantras, prayers, planetary charity, dietary supplementation, fasting, feasting, ornamentation, devotion, and recommended reading - ranging from the deceptively simple and enjoyable to the austere and arcane.

Each individual is met with rapport, respect, and consideration of the language and program best suited to their inherent nature.

All sessions conclude with tarot divination to make certain that the client is fully equipped with the guidance and information they require.

Pellerano has been a practicing magician and student of the occult since 2002 when he began his practice of magic and tarot divination which evolved to encompass horoscopic astrology around 2017. His committed involvement in the art world and music industry earned him a reputation over several years, establishing him as a respected advisor to a broad-ranging international clientele. He has presented at many prestigious institutions worldwide, presents frequent lectures and podcast appearances, and has published articles on both art and esotericism since 2003.

Currently, Pellerano continues his rigorous astrological education in the Parāśara Jyotiṣa tradition. He is host of the program and educational platform "Time Lord TV."

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Particles and Rays: Marsilio Ficino in Theory and Practice

Marsilio Ficino’s De Vita Coelitùs Comparanda conveys elaborate instruction on how the practitioner may absorb the influence of the planets described as The Three Graces: Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun.

During the spring of 2022 all three planets occupied astrological signs of essential dignity, allowing for a seven-week regimen of nutritional supplementation, alimentation, oblation, exercise, ritual, and talismanic construction in strict adherence to Ficino’s methods.

This presentation introduces practical guidelines on the application of Ficino’s astral magic, and contextualizes the metaphysics at work by tracing the ancient influences that formed the basis for Renaissance magic, their confluence in Ficino’s methodology, and their further development through Pico della Mirandola and Giordano Bruno up to contemporary models of physics, media manipulation, and occult practice.

By a demonstrated convergence of theory and praxis, Pellerano aims to decode the spiritual power and initiatory stages invoked by the dramatic results of Ficino’s remedies which operate synchronously on the levels of magic and theurgy.
I already had a professional identity as an astrologer and a devoted magical practice spanning many years when I began Austin's course. By the time I finished Year Two I was twice the astrologer I ever thought I could be. It provided tools, methods, and profound understanding I could never have cultivated without his keen intelligence and his vast knowledge derived from years of experience to help focus my own abilities.

Year Three inspired me to penetrate formidable material I may never have gathered the initiative to study on my own in such depth. This program revealed profound concepts couched in elaborate philosophy, inspiring me to take my magical practice to an entirely new level. It also refined my capacities for electional and predictive techniques to the highest level of proficiency of which I am aware from any Western educational source. Austin is a superb teacher, a deeply practiced magician, and a true master of astrology. It is a privilege to call him my teacher.