Rory’s objective, as an astrologer, is to equip individuals with the necessary tools for them to make the most out of the good times in life, and fully prepared for the more challenging times in life.

During consultations, Rory’s attentive and detailed approach ensures a pleasant, informative, and high quality experience for the recipient. 
Taking great care to understand the client; their needs, desires, goals, and obstacles; fluently conveying the appropriate insights and predictions; and finally recommending specific remedial measures or pragmatic advice to help the client mitigate difficulties and maximize opportunities.

In addition to working as a consulting astrologer, Rory is a researcher, lecturer, teacher and practitioner of hermeticism. His field of interest consists primarily of the astrological and magical innovations emerging from Hellenistic-era Alexandria, Egypt. 
He has given presentations for the Astromagia Conference, the Scottish Astrological Association, and ISAR Star Club, among others.

Rory is grateful to remain involved in Austin Coppock’s Fundamentals of Astrology, where he teaches students enrolled in the first and second years of the course.

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Fate, Prosperity, Agency and Eminence: Deciphering Nativities in the Spirit of Vettius

The ability to swiftly determine one’s fate and fortune from the natal chart is as paramount for contemporary astrologers as it was for those of the 2nd century.

In Book II of Anthologies, Vettius Valens guides us through his method for delineating the type of fortune, prosperity and public renown from the natal chart. 

Using examples provided by Valens, as well as the charts of modern individuals, this presentation explores how the interpretation of the triplicity rulers of the sect light, the four primary astrological lots, and their derivative houses, come together to consistently reveal the subtle nuances of fortune & prosperity in life for the native.
2013 was the year I discovered astrology, and I began vigorously self-teaching using any books available.

 By 2017, I felt competent enough to begin offering chart readings on the side, but it wasn’t until I completed Year 2 of the Fundamentals of Astrology in 2019, that I felt truly confident as a professional astrologer.

 Having graduated from the 3rd year of the course, I feel incredible gratitude for the gaps in my knowledge that have been filled in my skills as an astrologer, and for the rigour of practice that Austin has instilled in me and my work.

Being able to reference a particular technique to a specific work or author was never a strong suit of mine, and the tour through various historical texts that one undergoes in the 3rd year completely eradicated this vice in me.

Additionally, if one is interested in learning, or developing as a practitioner of astrological magic, there’s no better course to attend.

Thank you, Austin.