2015 Astrological Almanac

2015 Astrological Almanac


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The 2015 Astrological Almanac is a comprehensive guide to everything the skies will throw at you over the next year. Concrete, practical delineations are woven carefully into the broader context of sweeping themes. An introduction to practical astrology and thoughtful delineations make the 2015 Astrological Almanac accessible to laymen, but it’s scope and focus make it invaluable to the professional astrologer.

An epic pre-history of the year and a practical guide to the day-to-day, the 2015 Astrological Almanac is in a class by itself.

  • Detailed Breakdown of All 365 Days
  • Thematic Monthly Summaries
  • Special Essays on Long Term Trends
  • Overview of the Year’s Core Themes and Tensions
  • Introduction To Practical Astrology
  • Daily Ephemeris of Planetary Positions
  • Available as a Paperback and PDF eBook
  • And More!

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4 reviews for 2015 Astrological Almanac

  1. C. R. Sanders

    Austin’s astrological forecasts provide both timely and critical insights to prepare and navigate your worldly adventures, with common sense insights for the layman and arcane metaphysical pressure points for the kung fu wizards. Packed with an array of spiritual teachings, abundant educational content, and no-nonsense practical tough love predictions, his annual almanacs are both handy in a quick pinch on a daily basis, and valuable when charting out key dates and periods each month. Whether you are a beginner to the ancient art of astrology, or an uber adeptus arch magi master of the universe, this divinatory tome will serve you well.

  2. David Siegman

    You will be very surprised at the accuracy of this almanac! Complex concepts are made understandable, strikes chords and explains situations and feelings occurring in your life. Multiple formats give many levels of detail that can be used in many different ways. A great value. Austin’s writing style takes complex information and presents it in a succinct, understandable manner in a very small space of text. With a healthy dose of wry humor. It is presented in a way that acknowledges and celebrates the fact that we are all travelling our own roads with opportunities and constraints.

  3. Brendan Davis

    If fully realized, a man’s work reflects the very best gleanings from his cumulative array of influences, ideas and experience. Austin Coppock has lived a life of intellectual inquiry and mystical exploration, and his writing – on astrology, and in general – is a remarkable synthesis of everything he’s learned in the process. Equally conversant in the languages of philosophy, psychology, and hard science as well as in those of the most ancient Artes of the ages, Austin uses myth, magic and metaphysics in his annual Almanac to examine and explain the energetic tea leaves for every day of the year. Austin’s astro-forecasts are specific, precise, and – in my experience at least – profoundly astute. Read him and see for yourself.

  4. William Kiesel

    Austin Coppock’s Almanac is an indispensable tool for watching the astrological year. Not only does it provide insightful information about the celestial events of the moment but it also allows one to account for those moments when planning events, decisions or other activities. All this, plus it’s written in a entertaining and illuminating style.

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