Astrology of Friday, March 9th 2018

Astrology of Friday, March 9th 2018

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Friday is full of fire. The Moon in Sagittarius spends the daylight hours racing toward a conjunction with inflammatory Mars and a subsequent trine with catalytic Uranus. Tempers may be short today, but energy levels should be high. Things will likely go better if you direct your day toward goals and involve other people as little as possible.

Late-late night, the Moon shifts into earthy Capricorn, which should serve to bank or extinguish what fires still burn.

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Aspects (PST)

Moon in Sagittarius -> Capricorn, 4th Quarter
Moon Conjunct Mars: Mar 09 2018 4:53 PM
Moon Trine Uranus: Mar 09 2018 6:27 PM
Moon Enters Capricorn: Mar 10 2018 1:52 AM

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  1. Julia 5 years ago

    Got back from a bike ride around 10:30 this morning to find my street full of fire engines, everybody in the street and a neighbor’s house burning. Pretty dramatic. The neighbors are away on vacation and had planned to replace a problem electrical panel when they got home. Reports so far are that it was an electrical fire. That moon mars conjunction is also trine Uranus, in the 11th house of the chart I drew.

  2. Nancy 5 years ago

    Yes, Hugh, astrology has the edge. Marjorie”s post re Gen Z really confirmed my thoughts about a generation of children in Syria and Yemen. How on earth are they coping with a hundred ways to die, no education, their homes turned into rubble and no end in sight. Same generation as the Florida students but probably displaying the dark side of Pluto in Sagittarius as they mature. A blanket statement from the sociologists or the demographers really doesn”t compare to the razor sharp astrology. custom writings

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Astrology of Friday, March 9th 2018

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