Astrology of Friday, November 8th 2019

Astrology of Friday, November 8th 2019

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The Sun in Scorpio perfects aspects to both Saturn and Neptune just as the two complete a sextile with each other. Today thus highlights the small harmony possible between the earthen, stony world layer of the real which Saturn presides over and the elusive, psychedelic facet over which Neptune reigns as Dream-Queen.

It is, generally speaking, a pleasant enough day, as the above configuration is well supported by the Moon in Aries’ all-day trine with excitable Venus in Sagittarius. Luna’s late-late night square with the Nodal axis may shadow things a bit, but it is otherwise a good night for a good time.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Aries, 2nd Quarter
Sun Sextile Saturn: Nov 8, 9:05 AM PST
Sun Trine Neptune: Nov 8, 9:56 AM PST
Saturn Sextile Neptune Nov 8, 6:44 PM PST
Moon Trine Venus: Nov 8, 10:12 PM PST
Moon Square Nodal Axis: Nov 8, 11:40 PM PST

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Astrology of Friday, November 8th 2019

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