Astrology of Saturday, November 9th 2019

Astrology of Saturday, November 9th 2019

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Saturday’s skies are classically unfriendly. The day begins with the spunky Moon in Aries’ spirit weighed down by a square with grim Saturn in Capricorn. From there, the Moon proceeds on to a square with dark Pluto and finally, an opposition with Mars in Libra. The Moon’s hard configuration to both malefics today makes it textbook inauspicious for most activities. It is, nonetheless, an appropriate day for harsh but necessary activities, like setting rat traps or weeding the garden.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Aries, 2nd Quarter
Moon Square Saturn: Nov 9, 11:54 AM PST
Mercury Sextile Pluto Nov 9, 6:07 PM PST
Moon Square Pluto: Nov 9, 9:34 PM PST
Moon Opposite Mars: Nov 10, 3:55 AM PST

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Astrology of Saturday, November 9th 2019

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