Astrology of Monday, October 28th 2019

Astrology of Monday, October 28th 2019

Daily Astro-Weather

The heavens ease up a bit today, giving us time to adjust to the reverberations from yesterday’s New Moon. The first day of the lunar cycle sees the Scorpio Moon in a sextile with Saturn in Capricorn for the first part of the day. Works of organization are favored, though moods may take precedence. As the afternoon ages, further the Moon’s trine to Neptune sees desires for comfort and diversion gain strength. This chill, low-energy, vibe takes into the night hours, where a brief Moon-Pluto sextile offers the opportunity for a bit of depth, but only briefly.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Scorpio, 1st Quarter
Moon Sextile Saturn: Oct 28, 2:20 PM PDT
Moon Trine Neptune: Oct 28, 3:52 PM PDT
Moon Sextile Pluto: Oct 28, 11:35 PM PDT

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Astrology of Monday, October 28th 2019

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