Astrology of Sunday, May 26th 2019

Astrology of Sunday, May 26th 2019

Daily Astro-Weather

The Moon in Pisces makes a quick trio of aspects during the first portion of the day, sextiling Uranus in Taurus, squaring the Sun in Gemini, and then trining Mars in Cancer. Uranus disrupts and awakens first, the Sun challenges us to find a center, and then Mars pushes for direction and action. The rest of the daylight’s trajectory is determined by how we handle this initial sequence.

Evening is both chatty and thoughtful, courtesy of a square with Mercury in Gemini. Late-late night hides an especially pleasant sextile between the Moon in Pisces and Venus in Taurus, which drizzles a rich and sweet chocolate sauce all over the wee hours.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Pisces, 3rd -> 4th Quarter
Moon Sextile Uranus: May 26, 7:59 AM PDT
Moon Square Sun: May 26, 9:33 AM PDT
Moon Trine Mars: May 26, 1:05 PM PDT
Moon Square Mercury: May 27, 1:04 AM PDT
Moon Sextile Venus: May 27, 4:48 AM PDT

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Astrology of Sunday, May 26th 2019

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