Astrology of Sunday, October 28th 2018

Astrology of Sunday, October 28th 2018

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Mercury is conjoined to Jupiter for the entirety of Sunday, lending it a thoughtful, positive quality. With both planets being in Scorpio, the mind may be drawn toward the negative, but with an eye toward improvement and redemption.

The Moon makes no aspects until late in the afternoon, when it enters Cancer, kicking off a series of several aspects. During the early evening, the Moon pings the Venus-Uranus opposition, bringing attention to the complicated mixture of feelings currently undergoing catalysis. Later in the night, the Moon moves on to oppose heavy Saturn in Capricorn, which emphasizes responsibilities and obstacles. Finally, during the wee hours, the Moon makes a trine with the Sun in Scorpio, dropping a note of harmony into night’s deep.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PT)

Moon in Gemini -> Cancer, 3rd Quarter
Moon Enters Cancer: Oct 28 2018 4:26 PM
Moon Sextile Uranus: Oct 28 2018 5:03 PM
Moon Trine Venus: Oct 28 2018 7:09 PM
Moon Opposite Saturn: Oct 29 2018 12:31 AM
Moon Trine Sun: Oct 29 2018 2:32 AM
Mercury Conjunct Jupiter: Oct 29 2018 4:05 AM

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Astrology of Sunday, October 28th 2018

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