Astrology of Thursday, June 21st 2018

Astrology of Thursday, June 21st 2018

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The Sun rises in Cancer today, having entered the sign only hours before dawn. This is the solstice, the beginning of a new season and the point of maximum inequality between day and night. As I wrote this ingress last year:

“The Sun’s entry into the first decan of Cancer on June 21st lets loose a flood, a cooling torrent of yin to drown the harsh extremity of yang presided over by Gemini. The solstice plays the Ace of Cups, spilling the Grail out into riverbeds above and below for the ten days that it takes the Sun to travel the first decan of Cancer.”

The Sun’s time in Cancer, which lasts until July 22nd, pours its light out on to home, family and other matters of foundation and comfort.

Pause a second at these seasonal crossroads to reflect on both the season now gone and that just begun. Look behind, ahead, and only then start walking.

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Aspects (PT)

Moon in Libra, 2nd Quarter
Venus Opposite Mars: Jun 21 2018 9:53 AM
Moon Square Mercury: Jun 21 2018 1:32 PM
Moon Square Pluto: Jun 21 2018 6:33 PM

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Astrology of Thursday, June 21st 2018

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