Astrology of Thursday, October 25th 2018

Astrology of Thursday, October 25th 2018

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The Moon in Taurus, just starting to wane, spends the daylight in an irritating square with Mars in Aquarius. Moods may run toward annoyance and the pace demanded may be intense than preferable.

Night sees the Moon-Mars aspect fade, to be replaced by a thoughtful opposition between the Moon in Taurus and Mercury in Scorpio, which stimulates conversation and reflection all the way to the witching hour.

Although it is not exact until tomorrow morning, the conjunction between retrograde Venus and the Sun is very close tonight. Thoughts will thus tend to run toward matters of desire, justice, and pleasure.

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Aspects (PT)

Moon in Taurus, 3rd Quarter
Moon Square Mars: Oct 25 2018 3:17 PM
Moon Trine Pluto: Oct 25 2018 5:15 PM
Moon Opposite Mercury: Oct 26 2018 1:43 AM

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  1. Adam C. Madison 4 years ago

    Hey Austin,

    You missed the morning sextile to Neptune.

    Thanks for the dailies,


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Astrology of Thursday, October 25th 2018

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