Astrology of Tuesday, May 15th 2018

Astrology of Tuesday, May 15th 2018

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Uranus thunders into Taurus today, marking its first ingress into a new sign since 2011. As I wrote of it in The Astrology of 2018: The Lay of the Land:

“In Taurus, Uranus’s interests turns toward physical things, intent on both disrupting and supercharging them. This will no doubt include the ongoing cryptocurrency drama, 3-D printing technology, artificial intelligence, and the integration of digital systems with physical objects. New technology is a relatively safe place for Uranus’ disruptive and experimental impact. Unfortunately, Uranus’ time in Taurus also points the planet’s lightning bolts at things less happy to be interfered with. This is, in fact, one of the chief incongruences between Uranus and Taurus. Whether Uranus disrupts or upgrades, it always seeks to change. Taurus, on the other hand, is the Fixed Earth sign, meaning it thrives on stability and regularity, moreso than any other. Thus the Bull’s pasture is unlikely to receive change-mad Uranus with open arms. Some of the inevitable changes will be repressed, as denizens of the pasture try to contain or minimize disruptions. This strategy is unlikely to work, as not only does it delay the inevitable, it often worsens it. When the tension between tectonic plates is dispersed regularly through small quakes, there is a minimum of destruction. It is when that tension cannot be released that a big quake builds up. There is a lesson there for handling Uranus in Taurus, especially for those born to the Bull.

Uranus’ time in Taurus targets commodities and materials, and will likely oversee much more volatile markets for both. One of Venus-ruled Taurus’ crucial but less concrete significations is value. Although “values” are often spoke of in a psychological context, they are also the very real prices assigned to goods and services. During Uranus’ time in Taurus, we can expect a volatization of values on both a cultural and economic level.

Uranus enters Taurus on May 2018, but it is due to retrograde back into Aries in November. This type of tentative ingress is not unusual for the slower planets. The 6-months of Uranus’ time in Taurus this year will thus serve as a “teaser” for the themes and events which will comprise the planet’s 7-year residence in the sign.”

In addition to Uranus’ ingress, Mars also changes signs today, entering Aquarius, the site of its Q3 retrograde, during the evening. Upon ingressing, Mars immediately squares Uranus, making a pair of volatile changes all the more combustible. This pairing not only sends tremors through the surrounding days, it also holds clues as to what the next season’s most incendiary stories will be.

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Aspects (PT)

Moon in Taurus -> Gemini, 1st Quarter
Uranus Enters Taurus: May 15 2018 8:16 AM
Moon Trine Mars: May 15 2018 1:28 PM
Moon enters Gemini: May 15 2018 1:41 PM
Mars Enters Aquarius: May 15 2018 9:54 PM
Mars Square Uranus: May 16 2018 12:03 AM

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Astrology of Tuesday, May 15th 2018

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