Astrology of Wednesday, April 25th 2018

Astrology of Wednesday, April 25th 2018

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There are challenges afoot this Wednesday, though the skies are right to see many of them overcome. The potential trials spring from Mercury’s square with Saturn and Mars’ exact conjunction with Pluto. The Mercury-Saturn square is the third and final in a series which began in early March, and although it may deliver the same delays and ordeals, it is the last installment of such, and for some will indicate the conclusion of a series of labors which began in early March. Nonetheless, the square gives words a heavy tone, and pulls thinking toward the negative.

Though Mars’ square with Pluto is exact during the late night, it has been active for several days and its potency will pervade the following days, as well. This conjunction unseals the deeps, providing access to normally off-limits sources of strength. Yet it also opens the way for the wrathful shadows within human beings to come flooding to the surface. Conflicts may easily intensify beyond their proper proportion under this configuration, so do your best to steer clear of frictive situations.

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Aspects (PST)

Moon in Virgo, 2nd Quarter
Moon Trine Saturn: Apr 25 5:30 AM
Mercury Square Saturn: Apr 25 2:24 PM
Moon Opposite Neptune: Apr 25 5:04 PM
Moon Sextile Jupiter: Apr 26 12:30 AM
Moon Trine Mars: Apr 26 2:48 AM
Moon Trine Pluto: Apr 26 2:51 AM
Mars Conjunct Pluto: Apr 26 4:00 AM
Tithi 12 Bhadra Siddhi Yoga

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Astrology of Wednesday, April 25th 2018

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