Astrology of Saturday, July 29th

Astrology of Saturday, July 29th

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Saturday sees the Moon aspect both Venus and Uranus, just as the two complete a sextile. This configuration provides a certain emotional jolt, but in a potentially good way, helping people break out of encrusted patterns of relationship, and sending a reminder that freedom includes the liberty to feel and love as you will.

Though the Venus-Uranus themes carry into the night, the dark hours have a somewhat different tone, owing to the Moon’s sunset ingress into Scorpio and late night sextile with Mercury. There is a conversational but potentially obsessive tone to these configurations.

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Aspects (PST)

Moon in Libra -> Scorpio (Chitra -> Swati), 1st -> 2nd Quarter
Moon Trine Venus: Jul 29 2017 1:28 PM
Moon Opposite Uranus: Jul 29 2017 2:31 PM
Moon Enters Scorpio: Jul 29 2017 5:22 PM
Moon Enters Swati: Jul 29 2017 6:43 PM
Venus Sextile Uranus: Jul 30 2017 1:03 AM
Moon Sextile Mercury: Jul 30 2017 2:23 AM

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Astrology of Saturday, July 29th

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