Astrology of Wednesday, May 10th

Astrology of Wednesday, May 10th

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Wednesday is host to the annual Full Moon in Scorpio, which is at its peak during the afternoon, but will still be full enough come nightfall for the missing light to be nigh-undetectable by naked eye.

The Full Moon in Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus, asks us to consider the relationship between stability and change. The Sun in Taurus teaches the value of stability, while the Moon speaks of transformation — the risks, costs and benefits of becoming.

Being and becoming, though they argue, have always been — and will always be — partners. Take some time tonight to appreciate what’s in flux right now, and what remains reliable.

Astrology of May Essay

Aspects (PST)

Moon in Scorpio, Full Moon
Moon Sextile Pluto: May 10 2017 2:29 PM
Full Moon in Scorpio: May 10 2017 2:41 PM

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Astrology of Wednesday, May 10th

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