Astrological Magic: Talismans (Upcoming 2019)

Astrological Magic: Talismans Upcoming 2019


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This 5-week class took place in April-May of 2018 and will run again in 2019. The first round will NOT be put up as a digital product. Sign up for the waitlist below to be notified when dates are set and open enrollment begins!

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Although astrological magic includes many different kinds of operations, traditional texts devote the most space, by far, to the construction of talismans. Imbued with the power of the planets and stars, talismans make permanent what would otherwise be a passing influence. 

The construction of a proper astrological talisman is a complex matter which requires precise timing, the right material and appropriate images and names. Although possible to reconstruct from traditional texts, it is certainly not easy. In this 5-week class we’ll go through both the theory and practice of constructing astrological talismans. Not only that, we’ll discuss how to work with them, and go through specific examples of talismanry gone right, as well as quite wrong. 

The timing portion of this class requires the participants to have basic chart reading skills. Some familiarity with planets, signs, houses and aspects is a necessity, although mastery is not.  Although previous experience with ritual is certainly helpful, it is not required — only a willingness to experiment and learn.

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2 reviews for Astrological Magic: Talismans Upcoming 2019

  1. Rhys Chatham (verified owner)

    This course provided a wonderful overview of astrological magic and focused on the use and fabrication of astrological Talismans. An intermediate astrologer and experienced kabbalist, I was a complete novice in this branch of magic and thanks to this course now feel quite comfortable with the knowledge of how to go about making a Talisman and properly charging it through the use of a combination of electional astrology, invocation and ritual. The symbols to be used in the making of a Talisman were covered, as well as being directed to various source texts from Agrippa and the Picatrix, which we will continue to refer to, thus allowing us to go as deeply as we like into Talismatic magic.

  2. Stephanie Pierre

    Austin’s treatment of Astrological Talismans is incredibly thorough, well thought out and disseminated. He covers all the angles, processes, history, materials, practical as well as magical considerations with humor & attention to details needed to perform such magical acts. There are also experiential stories that serve to entertain as well as caution and validate the results of such Magic.

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