Understanding Planetary Days

Understanding Planetary Days Single Presentation


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The names of the planets are coded into the words we use for each day of the week, the most obvious examples being (Sun)days and Mo(o)ndays. The framework behind these associations are the planetary days and hours, a partition of time that pre-dates even the earliest instances of horoscopic astrology. Yet planetary days and hours are there, in Alexandria, at the beginning of astrological tradition. Planetary days and hours are currently neglected by astrologers, though they it is common to see them in books of magic, be they modern or ancient. Regardless, they are a key component of the astrological tradition, and a useful one at that. They’re tremendously helpful for picking favorable times for a wide variety of activities, from hosting parties or scheduling meetings to crafting talismanic objects.

This stand-alone class includes a detailed discussion of the mechanics of planetary hours, an overview of their history, a tutorial on how to use them in conjunction with other astrological factors, and a presentation of 13th century astrologer Guido Bonatti’s concept of “Planetary Nights.”

What you get: 1-hour and 50-minute presentation with sound over a PowerPoint presentation in MP4 video format. Download available immediately after purchase in your My Account section!

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1 review for Understanding Planetary Days Single Presentation

  1. Claudia (verified owner)

    This lecture was everything I hoped it would be and more – with the introduction to planetary nights. It claryfied a lot of things to me I had previously struggled with. As an herbalist I love timing my herbal preparations with the help of astrology. One last thing, Austin puts in just the right dose of humour and and has a really pleasant teaching style.

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