Thursday, January 5th

Thursday, January 5th

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Much of the day during Thursday is challenging. The Moon in Aries squares the Sun and then Pluto in Capricorn. The depths of the applying Sun-Pluto conjunction may overshadow the can-do spirit of the Aries Moon, potentially extinguishing its fire.

After nightfall, though, the Moon leaves the gloom of Pluto for an innovative, if potentially disruptive, conjunction with Uranus, followed by an opposition to peaceable Jupiter and a trine to disciplinary Saturn. Thursday evening thus activates the Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus complex, highlighting the need to innovate, harmonize and structure.

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Aspects PST

Moon in Aries, 1st-> 2nd Quarter
Moon Square Sun: Jan 5, 11:44 AM
Moon Square Pluto: Jan 5, 4:15 PM
Moon conjunct Uranus: Jan 5, 8:12 PM
Moon Opposite Jupiter: Jan 5, 10:03 PM
Moon Trine Saturn: Jan 5, 10:34 PM

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  1. Bryan Stuppy 6 years ago

    I was wondering about Mercury moving out from “under the beams” yesterday. I am looking to become conscious of material Hermes is dredging up from his retrograde visit to the underworld. Mercury will go back under the beams around 15 Jan… this time moving forward direct. I was trying to conceptualize the process of Mercury moving out from “under the beams” and visible—yet still retrograde?………….this is somehow related to Pluto coming within a degree of its first conjunction with my natal Mercury in 250 years.

    • Author
      Austin Coppock 6 years ago

      Hi Brian- With Mercury, the coming out under the beams and direct station are very closely linked. Most of the meanings that we associate with Mercury direct have a lot to do with Mercury becoming visible again. Matters can be “seen clearly” again. Basically, the return to visibility and the direct station are two components of one process. Note that these two factors are not linked like this for any other planet’s retrograde or direct stations.

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Thursday, January 5th

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