Tuesday, January 3rd

Tuesday, January 3rd

Daily Astro-Weather

The day begins with retrograde Mercury in Capricorn’s sextile to newly-ingressed Venus in Pisces. This is a pleasing aspect, as it positions Venus to soothe the perturbations Mercury’s retrogradation inspires. Nonetheless, the road is two-way, and misunderstandings or delays may interfere with expected pleasures.

Indeed, the postponement of gratification or comfort may be a theme, as the Moon spends most of the day in a square with Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect, which is complete around sunset, highlights obligations and delays. It is easiest to lean into this aspect and focus on discharging your duties efficiently so that you might enjoy the evening.

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Aspects PST

Moon in Pisces, 1st Quarter
Moon Sextile Pluto: Jan 3, 9:03 AM
Mercury Sextile Venus: Jan 3, 11:42 AM
Moon Square Saturn: Jan 3, 5:32 PM

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Tuesday, January 3rd

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